How to autostart a graphedit GRF file?

The title basically says it but here’s the background.

I have designed a graph (GRF) which captures mpeg2 with ac3 audio and also closed captions at the same time but in a separate file. This works fine when I run it in graphedit but I have to manually start the graph.

What I want to do is set a timer in vb and start a batch file to run the graph at a specified time.

Right now I know I can run graphedit with the graph name and it loads the file ok but it doesn’t start. The next step will be finding a way to get it to stop on cue.

I couldn’t find out if graphedit has any other line options except filename.

My alternate solution is to program mouse clicks or keycodes to start and end the graphedit sessions using a vb timer routine.

Any help would be appreciated.

Well if you can’t find it build it (vb6) :slight_smile:

All it does is load a graph by running graphedit.exe, hook the window via api and then when the system current time matches the timer start time it starts the graph using the graphedit menu start command. When time expires, it does the same thing and stops the graph.

It works fine as beta 1.

I just need to add a few more features.

The reason I use graphedit is to start mpeg capture and closed caption capture at the same time to avoid any lag between the 2.

This timer lets me do the capture when I’m not home or asleep.

Technically it could be modified to start and stop any program or capture app.

I haven’t compiled it as a distributable but if someone wants that pm me and you are welcome to try it.

The source code will eventually be available on request but I put this together from odds and ends of mine so it needs work right now.

great :slight_smile: