How to auto encode dvd's chapters into separate x264 mkv?

I got a dvd with 25 chapters, inside the dvd there is 3 vob files :

1st vob files ------> chapter 1 to 8

2nd vob files -------> chapter 9 to 16

3rd vob files -------> chapter 17 to 25

Is there a way to automatically convert the dvd into separate 25 x264 mkv files with the corresponding subtitles for each chapter ?

I used dvd decrypter, and split by chapter in ifo mode, the weird thing is the subs is in japanese, while the dvd has 2 subs, Japanese and English, how do I choose the subs ?

Did you set “Stream Processing” and check “Enable Stream Processing” check subs needed, in DVD Decrypter?
Though I use DVDFab Plat,I don’t normally use it to create mkv files…you might give it a try,it’s a great backup proggie…

Thanks, I tried dvd decrypter, and chose IFO mode splitt by chapters with stream, work flawlessy, too bad it’s become abandonware