How to attach subtititles of a movies into avi,rm,... and burn it out into VCD or DVD

how to attach subtititles of a movies into avi,rm,… and burn it out into VCD or DVD thanks


you’ll have to provide a lot more info than that. have you done any searches? what prorams are you looking to use? what you you mean by avi,rm? please use full sentences! the mroe specific your questions are, the more relevant the ansers will be from forum members who can help you.

thank u sir … let me try this again

does any one know how to put a subtitles file such as srt*, etc… into a movie and burn it out as DVD or VCD …what programs to do this thank u

“into movies” would mean hardcoded.


Greetings spiderman2006 welcome to the forum, yes you can add subtitles to your movie and I believe if I remember correctly the last time I did it some if not most of the software for it is free. And yes you can burn it out to VCD or DVD there are a number of programs to do it some of them also for free.

I use avi 2dvd. Easily done

EDIT: or not, the subtitles were not sync’d

I have a few things I am going to try when adding subs. I will post what
works, if I can get it to work.

So far I have been reading up all morning and I don’t see an easy way to do it.

Easy answer is: It is a pain in the ass and no one has an easy answer so they tell you
to search for it.

DVD Santa picks up the subs (I had a AVI with a srt) then I transformed
it to dvd burned it and walla! no subs at all.

It all depends on how tool you are using and if the subs come in a valid format and state or not-

Also convertxtodvd will accept subs.

I guess my subtitles are bad I can’t even load them in Subtitle Workshop.

so finally i come u an end that u guys dont have any solutions … i kno u guys r masters here please help …

Well DVDsanta and convertxtodvd do accept subtitles but I think mine were just

Have you tried either program?

megadeth plz gimme serial for convert X thanks

you’re not asking for a serial number for a program you haven’t paid for are you?

I suggest you check out the forum rules…

Well said.

On this topic, I can’t think of any places where videos are distributed as Avi’s & subtitles are seperate …

But at any rate, you can stick the subs & the avi into AVIMUX & then generate a MKV file.

From there, any decent proggie (Avi2DVD perhaps) can convert it to DVD with subs.

As they say gimme never gets! :slight_smile:

Like i’m going to give him what I paid for, I think not.

Go buy your own!

yes sir im sorrie for asking such stupid questions

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