How to assign copywrite to my own DVD

:doh: I presently have many Super 8 movies (50 feet reels) of parties and weddings and I will pay someone to transfer all these on DVD. In order to get back the money I invested in this project, I plan on charging friends and family if they want a copy. This is why I would like to know if its possible to place a copywrite on my DVD so nobody can copy it? Thank you.

The standard way is to mark the original as © + owner + date
and post it to yourself in a sealed package. The postmark provides
reasonably good proof of the date. Obviously, you shouldn’t open
the package when you receive it :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is any method available that would make it
impossible to copy. If it plays in a standard DVD player, it
will be easy to copy.

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I moved your thread to another part of the forum and as skelton mentioned you won’t find a copy protection for your DVDs so no one can copy them. There are already some threads about this which you’ll find using our search function.

IIRC DVD Shrink had a weird option that allowed the output discs to be region locked? Never used it though :confused:

someone should do a search on all of the “how do i protect my own discs” threads and write a FAQ and sticky it.

not saying it’s a bad question, it just gets asked relatively often.

oh…and…NOT IT!