How to apply copy protection!

Hi there, It is my first post so please no flaming, :bow: I have my own (personal recordings) songs in MP3 format on a DVD-R, now I want to give the DVD to few people for a listen but I do not want them to copy the DVD or copy the MP3’s from the DVD on their computer, but they must be able to listen to them in their computers (it is o.k. if they can not listen to them on regular MP3 players), I do not need a state of the art method just a simple one so ordinary people are unable to duplicate the DVD, is there a way to do it? please guide me to the right direction ASAP! I am looking for some made copy protection as I am not rich and famous at the moment. :bigsmile:

Uhm… I don’t think you’ll find many people willing to help you copy protect something you should be sharing anyway.

That said, what you’re requesting simply cannot be done, at least not with the file not being easily readable, and not in the MP3 format. Also, don’t forget this universal law: If it can be played, it can be copied.