How to adding DTS audio format in dvd?

can anyone know how to add the DTS feature in a dvd.
i did surf the web and come up with a software call SURCODE a DTS decorder
but don’t know how to use it.
anyone use it before ?

Adding DTS Audio to your DVD using the Replace VTS Function.

Hope this points you in the right direction.

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yes a know all about surcode-been using it for years one encodes dolby ac4 using 6 mono wav files,same with surcode dts encoder -one is for dts cds (44.1khz) the other is for dvd video…same process results in 48khz dts fiiles…ok
there are 3 dvd authoring apps that import dts audio
1 sonic scenarist (uses lots of drive space)
2 dvd lab (and pro version) much simpler
3 adobe dvd encore also imports dts audio
ive tried using all 3 scenarist looks far to complex but probbly does the job
dvd lab pro looks more straighforward

adobe dvd encore i’ve tried but the results are disappointing…the resultant playback sounds slowed down