How to add subtitles with dvdlab

I’ve downloaded a mobie that had a bin and a cue file.
I 've used vcdgear to convert and now the movie is in mpg-format and i want to write the movie on a dvd+r .First I want to put the subtitles(srt) permanently in the movie.
They told me to do this with dvdlab but where do I find a good tutorial?
are there other ways to do this.
Whith avi movies I know the way to do it , but with mpg movies I really don’t know.

if you want to “print” the subs in the video stream (by recompressing video), best way of doing it is Canopus ProCoder + Vobsub.

  1. Get Canopus ProCoder and Vobsub, and install both of them.
  2. Put the video file in a separate folder, with the .srt file. Both files MUST have the same name. If mpg file name is “The Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers.mpg”, srt file must be “The Lord Of The Rings - The Two” for Vobsub to autoload the subtitle file.
  3. Open Canopus ProCoder, and load the video file in the program. Vobsub will automatically open and print the subs in the “video simulated overlay”.
  4. Choose compression options… and recompress the video. Once finished, you’ll see subs printed into the video stream.

Good Luck, and greetings from Buenos Aires!

PS: Feel free to send me a PM if you need some more help… :wink:

You need DVDLab Pro, as DVDLab does NOT suport subtitles. There is a 30 day free trial beta version of DVDLab Pro availble from their homesite.


nice tip but I’ve still some problems to convert.
I’ve downloaded the demoversion of canopus procoder and in source, I load my film.
In target I select DVD.
When I start the conversion everything looks ok ( subtitles are pasted in the movie) but only after 5 minutes I get following message : output lenght longer then 5 minutes , conversion stopped
Do I have to change some settings or so?

It would be nice if you could tell me what’s causing this conversion stop


video and audio (-mpv;-mpa and 48k)went well, how do I put the subtitles in it?
Can you give me a quick tutorial please


The mpv and mpa files need to be authored, again use DVDLab Pro and merge in the subtitle there.

sorry, but that’s my question, how do I merge the subtitles in?
Which option in dvdlabpro do I use?
This program is brand new to me so I could use some more info

Thank you for your patience

  1. Right click and Import Assets.
  2. Set to Subtitle Streams and load them in
  3. Once in, simply drag to the Subs assets line.

Do the same as for Audio & Video streams.

ok, nice explanation.
Thank you, but if I go to subtitle stream he doesn’t find my srt-subs.
Do I have to put these in another format first?

Sorry, I have no idea what form of Subtitles are supported by DVDLab Pro, maybe check their homepage. I personally use Maestro for all my subtitle work.

I forgot to mention, I am aware DVDLab Pro suports *.SON subtitle format (graphical trye), the same as used by Maestro. The *.srt format is text based unfortunately.

hi i was reading your by now old-ish post :slight_smile: and i am interested in the procedure you describe for adding subtitles i have a movie in chinese and an srt file for it and wondered if you could give me a little more detail to the description you outlined in your post on this forum ? to add more detail myself , the film i have is xvidplus , do i for instance add the srt file into this file or at a later stage ? hope you are stil laround :slight_smile:

If its an Xvid movie plus *.srt subs, then just use DVD2SVCD. See the DivX to DVDR tutorial, its all explained in there in detail.

To stoica: Use my unique guide on How to add subtitles to a DVD using DVD-lab PRO. You can find it here ! I made also a MOVIE Tutorial, showing to people how to insert subtitles to a DVD.

Best regards.