How to add subtitles to a DVD?! - Croatian & English tutorial



I made my own tutorial ‘‘How to add subtitles to a DVD’’ in Croatian and English translation (by Mikky)

How to add subtitles to a DVD?!!

I believe many of you have faced the problem of how to add subtitles to a DVD at one time or another. Whether it was because you bought a DVD in another country and it didn’t support your language or because every piece of software you ever encountered made this trivial action just too complicated. There are in fact many ways to add subtitles, but one is the best, fastest and of course, completely free.
In this tutorial I’ll explain how to add subtitles to an existing DVD, that is, to a DVD you have created yourselves. In order to do this, you’ll need the following software:

DVD Decrypter (for ripping the DVD to your hard disk)
Txt2Sup (for converting subtitles from srt, sub or txt to sup format)
VobEdit (for demuxing video, audio and subtitles)
IfoEdit (for muxing and authoring video, audio and subtitles)
Nero or some other commercial software for DVD burning

0: Set up

Start up DVD Decrypter in Mode/File, choose a destination folder and begin ripping the DVD to your hard disk. To do this you can also use DVD Shrink if you wish to eliminate unnecessary parts or the Stream Processing option in DVD Decrypter. All of you who have created your DVD yourselves or already have your movie on your hard disk can simply skip this step and proceed to demuxing.
I should also mention that the example I’ll be using in this tutorial is the first episode of the popular series Star Trek Voyager which is comprised of audio and English subtitle only.

1: Demuxing

Once DVD Decrypter is done, start up VobEdit, Open your DVD and begin with demuxing the video, audio and subtitle. Choose the option Demux…

…a new window will open in which you will select Demux all Video streams, Demux all Audio streams and Demux all Subp streams.

Confirm by selecting OK, choose your destination folder and demuxing will begin.
Tip: if you have more than one hard disk, don’t choose the one where your ripped DVD is located; you’re dealing with large files here and by choosing a different hard disk you’ll definitely speed up the whole process. And another piece of advice: before you move on, rename the SUP files according to their corresponding languages especially if the DVD contains more than one subtitle: English.sup, French.sup, German.sup… just to avoid getting them mixed up later on… You can see the order in which the subtitles appear under Stream Processing in DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink.

2: Getting the subtitles ready

Since subtitles are saved on a DVD in bitmap format, you need to convert (render) them first. We’ll use Txt2Sup to get the subtitles ready for conversion but you can also use software like Srt2Sup or SubtitleCreator.
Let’s assume that your subtitle is already in order, in other words, that its frame rate is accurate. I won’t go into how to adjust the frame rate at this point, but I will mention that Subtitle Workshop can help you to do this.

Start up Txt2Sup and Load IFO file. Since our DVD’s IFO file doesn’t include support for SUP, Txt2Sup will add the necessary colors to your subtitle all on its own. Given that in this case we’re dealing with a NTSC DVD you need to check this circle in case Txt2Sup hasn’t done checked it automatically. Otherwise your subtitles might end up being displayed irregularly.
Load the subtitle (Load Srt, Sub, Txt). As a template Txt2Sup gives us a light image with numerous colors which helps us to determine our subtitle colors as best possible. The default settings are standard for DVD subtitles and should be satisfactory to just about anyone. Nevertheless, it’s possible to change the colors of your subtitles, the position of the subtitles on the screen, the font, font style and font size. Every change will be visible in the window.

Once you have adjusted your settings, select Generate Sup. Txt2Sup will begin conversion and when done, he’ll save your converted subtitle under the name Generated.sup along with the Txt2Sup_Help_File.txt file which contains the color codes for your subtitle.

3: Multiplexing

It’s time to join everything together for your new DVD. Start up IfoEdit and select Author new DVD from the drop-down menu.

A new window will open, first drag and drop the video stream, then the audio stream and last but not least, the subtitles. Once you have selected your audio stream, add the corresponding language on the left in the drop-down menu. Do the same for the subtitles.

Confirm by selecting OK, choose your destination and multiplexing will begin…

After a few minutes, in the main window IfoEdit will provide you with information on your new DVD.

The only thing remaining is to write in the subtitle color codes in the IFO of the DVD. In the upper part of the window select VTS_01_0.IFO, then VTS_PGCITI and finally VTS_PGC_1.

You’ll notice that in the bottom part of the window the information changes as you click on each line. Find the lines describing the subtitle color codes (Color 0 Y Cr CB, Color 1 Y Cr CB, Color 2 Y Cr CB and Color 3 Y Cr CB) and enter the new values which Txt2Sup has provided in the Txt2Sup_Help_File.txt file.

Do this by double-clicking on the line in question and a new window will open in which you’ll enter the assigned values.

Color codes for subtitles usually have the following values:

Color 0 Y Cr CB = 00 80 80
Color 1 Y Cr CB = 55 80 80
Color 2 Y Cr CB = AA 80 80
Color 3 Y Cr CB = FF 80 80

Save your new IFO file by selecting Save. IfoEdit will warn you that an IFO file already exists, but you’ll overwrite it with the new one. When closing the program, IfoEdit will warn you that your material has not been saved and ask you once again if you wish to save. Just ignore him. :wink:

4: Check and burn

The only thing left for you to do is to check whether your new DVD works properly. My favorite player is PowerDVD, but you can use any other player.

If you’re satisfied with the result, proceed to burn.

And that’s all. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Tutorial in pdf



Question 1: Hello Neotronic, Thank you very much for your tutorial.

Today I tried to follow your step-guide, but I have some problems with the demuxing, so I hope you can help me a little.

The problem is that I have a series, containing 7 DVDs. But the DVDs are already ripped, so I only have a AUDIO_TS map (empty) and the VIDEO_TS map with multiple .vob files. It is a series containing 4 episodes on 1 DVD. In this case, I opened vobedit and selected the VIDEO_TS.vob. That part is loaded (not all the vobs, as you described in one of your replies) and when I try to demux the files conform your guide, it indeed asks for a Saving Location, but after pressing ‘ok’ nothing happens. Could you help me on basis of this information?

Thank you for your co-operation!

You said ‘’ and selected the VIDEO_TS.vob’’. You have to select VIDEO_TS.ifo. IFO contains information about your DVD. Tell me if it works.

But, you said there is more than one episode. My tutorial explains how to add one subtitle to one episode, that means that you have to repeat the procedure for every episode.



Yes, it worked excellent, but now I have the following problem:

  • After doing the whole procedure and saving the files with Ifoedit, a file is created like VTS_01_0.vob eated, as well as Video_ts and Video_ifo. The problem is that my DVD contains four series, whereby series 1 starts with VTS_05_0. So, finally I renamed the created files to VTS_05_0 etc and copied the files in the original folder.

Problem: it doesn’t work: WinDVD or other programs do not respond anymore. So I do something wrong, but what?

And do you also know what I should do with the new created Video_TS files etc? Because, if I have to add the subtitiles 4 times (4 series per DVD), this will cause errors I think?

Thanx again for your help!



Maybe this will help you:

Tell me if it works. :slight_smile:


I gave this tutorial a run and there are a few things I find out about Txt2Sup v42.3.

  1. Loading the Srt file cannot parse the tags (<i>, <b>, <font>, etc.) appropriately that was ripped by SubRip.
  2. Loading the Sub file (dvdsubtitle or microdvd format), ripped by SubRip, gives an invalid integer value error message. Haven’t tested this thoroughly though.
  3. It seems that Txt2Sup only has one font format (font type, style, size) and same offset throughout the file. e.g., it’s either all normal or italics style. Cannot mix it in different subtitle lines.

So maybe Srt2Sup, Subtitle Creator, or Subtitle Workshop can handle this better?

Before reaching step 2, you must have the subtitle file, say Srt format, ready. It’s easy to create one with a new subtitle. Use Subrip to extract one of the existing languages from the movie, save it with the correct frame rate. Then open this file with a text editor and modify it with a new language. Do not mess with the time code as it is already synchronized unless you know what you’re doing.

Since you’re adding a subtitle, just load the movie ifo (“Load Ifo”) in Txt2Sup to obtain all the colors for your subtitle. Then load in the new subtitle file. After conversion is finished, it’s time to mux everything back.

On step 3, for some reason, I find IfoEdit 0.97 doesn’t mux back correctly. Subtitle and audio are in sync, but not together with video. Video is lagging way behind gradually. And there’s no audio delay originally either. Maybe this is why some of you have synchronization issues. Part of the issue could be the frame rate was not selected correctly in the creation of new subtitle, or the timing of the displayed subtitle is not correct.

So instead I used MuxMan, and everything’s in sync. Be sure to select the correct Language attribute for the Audio and Subpictures. As for Subpictures, remember to select LB and Wide buttons if they are enabled. To add each Subpicture, just click the next numbered radio button. Make sure they’re in order like the original movie, with the added subtitle being the last.

After muxing is done. It’s time to get the original subtitle colors back, since MuxMan uses its own default colors. Open the original movie ifo with IfoEdit, like Step 3 in the tutorial. Go to VTS_PGCITI/VTS_PGC_1, instead select “Subtitle Color” menu, then “Copy Colors from this PGC”. Then in the same IfoEdit window, open the newly created ifo by MuxMan, VTS_01_0.IFO. Go to VTS_PGCITI/VTS_PGC_1, and select “Paste Colors into this PGC”. Then save the ifo and you’re done.

As a precaution, always save the newly created files by MuxMan into a new directory. Test it independently to see if everything’s in sync. Once satisfied, copy all the new VTS files, not the VIDEO_TS files, back to the original DVD (be sure to make a backup of all ifos & bups first), then open the movie ifo with IfoEdit and “Get VTS sectors”. Then do some more testing.

Good luck!


Great tutorial thanks, it’s just what I was looking for.

I recently got a DVD of Das Boot Director’s Cut but it’s the (double-sided) US release. It has German, English, French, and Spanish audio and English, French, and Spanish subtitles. I want to add German subtitles to it while leaving everything else alone. Any tips on doing this?


As Excalibur said, the tutorial is for main movie only, no menus intact. Read post #18 for more info. If you want to keep everything, then either use DvdRemake or VobBlanker to replace the original movie with the German-added-subs movie.


This guide is GREAT. Thanks Exacalibur!

I’m having a minor, but anoying, problem. On each and every movie I squeeze subtitles in with this method, the subtitles appear in my XBOX (XBMC) in grey (where they should be white) and a semi-transparent grey…

All settings were confirmed and reconfirmed several times. (Including the color codes order on VTS_01_0.IFO / VTS_PGCITI / VTS_PGC_1)

This only happens in XBMC (so you can say “The problem is on your XBOX”) but this only happens with DVD’s that went trough this process. Also I only tested on XBOX + 2 normal DVD Players + WinDVD (Maybe it happens also on other hardware or software).

Check out:

Any ideas??


thanks it works fine! except it removed the chapters for me


Thank you Excalibur for a very good guide.

Thank you :clap::clap:


Simple Solution to Add SRT/ASS/SSA Hard Subtitles to DVD Movies: