How to add protection on a data CD?



Apologies if this in the wrong forum but it looked like the best place.

I have a data CD mainly pdf files that I need to protect. How, if possible can I stop people from coping it directly or copying the files to their harddrive.

Ive searched around but can only find software that will either protect exe files or games, unable to find anything suitable for data CDs.



Hmm - I don’t think you will ever stop people copying to the HDD? That is impossible - you have to access the info to READ it, if you can READ it you can normally copy it…

I will probably get flamed for this - but Star-Force seem to be the best CopyProtection around - I believe they also do media like PDF as well as games…

I’m not saying they are the best, just when I have been researching Star-Force - I saw they did it… their PC protection is very, very good… so might be of use to you?

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You can try TZ copy protection ( ) which is free.
It is not a very strong protection, any program that support RAW copying will be able to make a copy, but several 2GB PDF files on a 700 MB CD is enough to confuse most average users.

Starforce is, in my opinion, only if you intend to distribute your CD on a large scale, and if you have a lot of money to spend…


You can add bad sectors, you can screw up the TOC use any app…but anyone will be able to rip the files off the CD.

What you really should do is have an exe (protected) and that exe controls all your files, you don’t want to use PDF…have to be another format, you really need a programmer for this one…I can only assume this is your IP you want to protect, so maybe it’s worth paying someone to do this?

You’ll never be able to do anything with PDF format…forget about it!

The only thing you can do with PDF is use their security, which stops average people from editing your files…but they can still rip it off the CD, average users can’t edit it or do anything but read it, an’t even print if you set the security to no. But this garbage is cracked with many apps available online.

PDF isn’t the way for you to go m8.


Well for the majority of CD drive owners, they have no idea how to do all this stuff. You will have to have a bit of knowledge(from CD Freaks :smiley: ) to be able to do it.


why dont you do a google search on your topic and see what comes up i did and it helped me.