HOw to add programs to vista boot CD

please let me know how we can add programs to Vista boot CD, programs such as Office 2007 & Utils.

Is there aby option so that all programs are also installed with single Vista Installtion.

Please post the softwares list available for the same,


AMD World India

I’m not exactly sure what you are asking here.

I you simply want to include some programs on the Vista installation CD for installation execution, just add it to the DVD.

You can rip an ISO of the DVD to your hard drive, then edit the ISO to include the executables and save the new ISO.
Burn the finished product back to a DVD and run the executables individually after the Vista installation. You may be limited to available space on the DVD depending on how many programs you wish to include.

As far as having applications install during the Vista installation, there have not been much success there.
You can slipstream Service Packs and integrate Drivers ( but [B]Switchless Installers[/B] and [B]WPI add-ons[/B] for applications are almost non existent.

Of course you may want to experiment with [B]sysprep[/B] as others have done, but there again lies limitations.

As far as I know you can’t add programs to Vista other then slipstreaming updates and patches to the O/S CD. Office by itself you can integrate SP2 into it making it Office SP2. If you wanting to slipstream into Vista with Office you should call or contact M$ support to see if that is possible. As they would be the one to know about it. Those are two complete working package and most likely won’t like being on the same media. From my experience installing and reinstalling there is nothing wrong with each of them separate install. Since we don’t know the reason why you doing what your doing it makes it hard to know what is going on there??