How to add new subtitles to dvd backup?

greetings to all! i’m new to dvd authoring and i’m currently experimenting on how to replace a poorly dubbed english subtitle on a dvd movie that i have.

The layout of the DVD disc that im working on is divided in to Title 1, 2, 3, and 4 and contains three (3) chapters each. I used dvd decrypter to demux the video, audio and subs and came out good. I already have the necessary programs (srt2sup, subtitlecreator, etc.) to convert my SRT subs to SUP for all chapters of the dvd movie i’m going to burn. The problem is how do i mux all the subs (there are 12 SRT files) into one? since when i play the dvd on Title 1 it begins with 00h:00m:00s and resets again on Title 2 to 00h:00m:00s and so on. I have already timed the SRT files to the timestamps on the dvd as they are played but I don’t know how to sequence it so that the right subtitle will display for every chapter. I’ve tried inserting all subs to one SRT file but I don’t think that’s how it’s done. Well, I hope somebody out there can shed a light on me on this matter. What do I have to do? Any help will be greatly appreciated. :bow:

Not sure, if I clearly understand. If you demux subtitles, they are already in .sup format (if I’m not mistaken). So, if you want them in text form (to edit), you will have to use SubRip.