How to add my own startup message

I am new to DVDRemake, and it seems like I’ll be able to get some use out of it. I’ve been using PgcEdit up till now, and that is still an option. But DRM does seem easier to use.

What I want to do (and have been doing in PgcEdit) is to add my own startup message (“Welcome to Bob’s house…”) to my DVDs. I want it to play for 10 secs, then go away. What I’ve been doing is to create a new VTST, creating a root menu within it, jumping to the root menu from the First Play, and displaying the clip, then returning to the First Play after setting an unused GPRM to 1 as a flag that I’ve played this. I do not know if this is the best way to accomplish my goal or not. I can also click play to get it to end early too, which is nice.

In DRM, I’m trying to create a new PGC, maybe putting a still bmp in a cell and displaying it for 10 secs. I tried creating a new PGC in the VMG domain, but can’t figure out how to get an image into a cell.

Some of the PGCs in my ripped DVD have a little red rectangle icon in the list of PGCs. I assume this means they have a visible menu? I’d think I’d like to create a PGC like that - but how?

Before I ramble on too much - can you explain how I can accomplish this in DRM the best way possible. I only want the bmp to display when the DVD is first inserted, then never again.

I do have a small DVD formatted set of files which I’ve been using which has my startup message in it, if that helps.

Should I open that DVD, copy the VTS and add it to my ripped DVD and fix up the navigation? Would that work?

Isn’t this similar to using the macro “Import First-Play (startup) Clip” in PgcEdit? It’s just a few clicks.

The little red rectangle icon (in DRM) indicates there are button(s) in the PGC, but does not necessarily mean it is a menu. You mentioned that you “can also click play to get it to end early”, this is an indication there’s already a button overlaying in your clip. Did you create this button in PgcEdit?

What you’ve been doing in PgcEdit can be done in DRMP as well. So, import the DVD startup clip, copy the VTS, add it to the ripped DVD, and fix up navigation - like you plan. This is similar to the First-Play macro in PgcEdit.

As for adding button to the clip so you can click Play to end early, you must modify the coordinates in DRM by entering the numbers so the clickable area can be large. PgcEdit can do this easily by just sliding. A button command must be entered as well for the button to activate when pressed. Another alternative is to just add a blank cell after the clip (“Add program”), with a chapter defined as well, then you can just simply press Next to end early.

btw, you can only add a clip to the VMG domain in a new PGC if 1) there’s no existing video content, or 2) the existing content must match the video/audio/subtitle attributes of the clip, else you’ll get a warning message.

Just to clarify: the only required part for 2) is to have same video format. If there are different audio/subs then DRMP will give a warning but will insert the block. As you don’t have audio in your clip(?) it is not a problem for you.

The easiest way of doing what you want:

  1. Add VTS with your clip (lets say it is in the Root menu) (say VTS Y);
  2. Copy First Play (right-click on it and copy PGC);
  3. Add Copied FP to all LanguageUnits (menu XX) in VMG. Lets say it will be PGC Z;
  4. Delete all commands in FP and insert “Jump VTS Y “root” menu (title 1)” in pre commands to jupt to your intro;
  5. In post commands of your clip add “Jump VMG PGC Z” command.

There are few things you can do to let viewer skip the intro. Easiest way is to add program with blank cell after your clip. This way NEXT on the remote will skip the intro. Just like toaddub suggested :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarification. Keep forgetting this part, even though I have done it. :o