How to add files to .bin and .cue file

I would like to know if it’s possible to add files to an existing .bin and .cue file.

This is the situation. I have a .bin and .cue file for a program that doesn’t have any copy protection on it. I have a couple of files (keygen and/or crack) not part of the .bin and .cue file. I would like to add the keygen/crack files to the .bin/.cue file so that when I burn the .bin/.cue file, the cd contains not only the program, but also the keygen and/or crack files/directory.

If it’s possible, please let me know what I need to do.

First, please use the search for these questions have been asked many many many times before. (I say this mainly because it could have saved YOU some time)

Second, the use of cracks and keygens is illegal and not allowed on this board. It would have been better not to refer to these illegal activities, for it might get this board into trouble.

Third, you can extract the images by using ISOBuster, WInImage, WinISO or similar programs, add the files you want added and then make new image.

I believe one of the abovementioned programs can add files directly, but for that you really have to use the search.

just take the old cue, open it in notepad, and put your file in there too. not hard.

please note i dont give a damn if the above works or not, im merely trying to be as unhelpful as i can be to a lazy thief

I believe you can use CDmage to add files straight into the iso/bin file. But you can also use Smart@$$ his suggestion: extract bin file, add files, create new bin file.

Please don’t refer to illegal activities like cracks and keygens! This question can easily be reformulated without refering to illegal activities… :cop:

I use winiso to add files to my bin that I have forgotten first, or to update some dll’s