How to add extra auido track onto DVD movie



There’s been another post similar to this one that wanted to do a more complicated mix. Want I need is to be able to add audio to a DVD movie starting at a particular spots in the video. I’m not as well educated as most of the folks here on all the best procedures though. Here is what I have to work with…AnyDVD, CloneDVD2, Blind Write, Twin Peak, Win DVD 4/Creator, CD Burner XP Pro3, DVD Decriptor, DVD Shrink, DVDFab Decriptor and ImgBurn. If I need anything else, I’m more than willing to download more programs and learn how to use them. Thanks for considering my question.


Ulead VideoStudio10+ offers the option of multiple over-lays, which sounds like what you want to do. Fully functional free trial too.


Hi i’d like to know how can i add an extra audio track onto a DVD movie for ex. there are 4 languages on a DVD like 1)english - 2)spanish - 3)german - 4)italian and i want to add a 5th one like 5)french, i know that it exists because i’ve already seen that on a DVD movie.

Thanks to answer me if it is possible. :slight_smile: