How to add data to bootable cd and cd images?

Hi there,

I have windows 2003 R2 cds (2cds) I wish to put them on a dvd.

And I wanted to know how can I add data to images cue-bin/iso etc without mounting them and creating a new project with nero / easy cd. Could I directly add files or tracks to image?

And I need to burn win2003 r2 on dvd with some apps I have for it on the same dvd I believe that will ruien the bootable part right?

seeking a reply…

You would need to mount them, add your new files and save them as a new ISO. Otherwise, the file system pointers of your original ISO will not point to the new files you add and therefore they would not be viewable.

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You can edit images, cue-bin/ISO, using software such as UltraISO. It will allow you to add and delete files from images and save the changes.

However, if the images are CD images you cannot burn them to a DVD. CD images cannot be burned to DVDs.
You can, however, extract the contents of the images and burn them to a DVD. At which point the disc will not be bootable.
UltraISO can allow you to create a bootable DVD using the boot files from the original bootable CDs.

Note…the trial version of UltraISO is available but will limit you to only 300MB file sizes. You would need to purchase the program to employ functionality for your needs.