How to add audio tack to video_ts

Hi every one.

I got a movie (weekend at Bernie’s II) in the form of VIDEO_TS folder with files as VOB, IFO & BUP.

Problem is the movie have 4 soundtracks, but all russian language…!!:sad:
I have a copy of the movie in english but in AVI format…

Actually the menues & chapters of the dvd are so nice that I’d like to keep them…

Is there a way to rip the audio from the AVI movie & add it to the VIDEO_TS folder.
I found out that the movie itself is divided into 4 VOB files
VTS_01_1.VOB 0.99GB
VTS_01_2.VOB 0.99GB
VTS_01_3.VOB 0.99GB
VTS_01_4.VOB 679MB

Can I extract the English audio track from the AVI file & add it to the DVD so I have the movie in english ??

Thank you.

Looking for reply.

Sorry about the double post of the question, I was trying to correct a typo in the title.

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It can be done with some work. You can’t just add an audio track to the Video_TS folder. You will have to extract the audio from the avi with something like VirtualDub or VirtualDubMod, there are other programs that can do it also, FormatFactory comes to mind. If you don’t want the Russian audio tracks you will have to use something like PGCDemux or Ifoedit to remove the audio streams, if you want to keep the Russian tracks then don’t demux. I believe DVDFlick allows you to add an audio track (I think you can add it from the avi file without extracting it first) which might be the easiest way if you aren’t familiar with muxing the video and audio tracks together.

We can help people work with movies that they own. This sounds more like illegally downloaded copies of a film that is copyright protected. You should read through our guidelines for copyright protected material:

And to answer in a theoretical sense, yes, you can add soundtracks to an existing dvd-video. The new soundtrack will have to have the exact same time period as the originals, and it will have to be in a format that is acceptable for dvd-video…ac3, LPCM or DTS at 48khz, no greater than 448kbps in the ac3 version. Your avi file most likely has mp3 audio, which would have to be converted.

Another problem is that Russia uses Secam video standards, and I believe the frame rate is 25fps, like PAL. This might create issues if you are trying to make an NTSC dvd-video (for the US). Depends on the source of the avi audio…not something I’ve worked with, so I’m just speculating.

Much easier to just purchase the original dvd. If you have legitimate sources for these two versions, please let us know. Otherwise I am going to be forced to close your thread.

We can help people work with movies that they own. This sounds more like illegally downloaded copies of a film that is copyright protected. You should read through our guidelines for copyright protected material:

Thanks for the reply.

Regarding the DVD I didn’t say it was downloaded. Actually I was in a trip to Thailand & found the DVD among many others on sale in a local store with a mouthwatering price around 3 bucks, but I found out it was in Russian.

As for the AVI file I recorded it long time ago when the movie was aired on TV, but the quality is very poor cause my TV-tuner card then was of less quality than today.

I don’t think any of these is illegal, however, I do respect the forum rules so you may do what you see appropriate.

I do appreciate if you would elaborate on how to do what you said theoretically.

Both movie happen to be NTSC, & both have a frame rate of 23.976 fps.

Hope this helps a bit.


Ok, I was just making sure, as many people who post about avi files here do not do their own captures. I used to capture to avi (huffyuv) years ago myself, but got lazy and use an mpeg2 capture card these days.

You’ll need to find out the type of audio you have. Examine the avi file with MediaInfo. If it is in a format that is acceptable for dvd-video, all you need to do is extract it. You can do this very easily with AviDemux. You can also convert it with AviDemux if necessary by selecting AC3 (Aften) as the audio codec, set the bitrate to 128 or so, then click on filters to set the resampling to 48000hz.

To save just the audio in AviDemux, click on Audio, then Save Audio. Set a place on the hard drive to save it, and make sure to make a file name with the appropriate extension…for example, Weekend at Bernies’s II.ac3

Now, adding the extra soundtrack while maintaining the existing menu and chapters is the tricky part. If the new file is the exact same length in time as the other sound tracks, you can use it in the new dvd. Unfortunately, I don’t know the process by which you keep the original menu…never done it. I’d just demux the original and rebuild the dvd with a new menu and new chapter points. That is relatively simple.

Keeping the original means using PGCDemux, Muxman (or other authoring tool) and the pro version of DVDRemake. DVDRemake is not a free tool. Here are the instructions for that such as they are: The instructions are byzantine to anyone not familiar with DVDRemake!

Edit: Found another thread on this over at Maybe it will help you:
Look at the second post and the guide it links to.

thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.

But I have 1 more question, “Whappo” said I can do it with DVDFlick, which my sister has it on her PC.

Could you tell me how to do it ???

1 more thing, the movie on the DVD is 4 VOB files with time of 1 hr 29 min, while the AVI file is a single file with a time of 1 hr 27 min…

how can I manage 1 : 4 files with 2 min time difference…

I know I’m getting silly & I already asked many question, but thank you for your help & patience

Ok I gave it a try.

I loaded the first VOB file into DVD Flick by choosing add title, then I choose to edit it, I then added from this window the rest of the movie (remaining 3 VOB files), choose audio tag & removed all 4 Russian audio tracks, choose add & choose audio from the AVI file, then I accepted & authored the DVD.

The result was the great pic of the original DVD with the wonderful English audio track… Surprisingly, the audio is well synchronized.

But I lost the title menu. The movie starts on playing the DVD…

I tried to copy & replace the rest of the files on the DVD but was astonished to find that DVD flick divided the VOB to 5 files not 4, so when I try the original menu, my player crashes.

IS there any step to add the original menu, even if I will have to modify the chapters myself, but please tell me how in full details.

Thanks a million.

I just make a menu with the feature in DVDFlick that does this.
The menu created by DVDFlick will give you most of the navigation of the original .
I haven’t used a software like DVDFlick that can use the original menu.
Or for that matter any software that will.
I suspect that the software recomended by Kerry56 would be able to keep the original menu. It would just require time spent learnig to use it. As well as purchasing it if you wanted to do this again.[QUOTE=Kerry56;2550130]
Keeping the original means using PGCDemux, Muxman (or other authoring tool) and the pro version of DVDRemake. [/QUOTE]