How to add a new fist play to a already made dvd




I want to add a small video (10 secs) to be first play to a already authored dvd with its own first play.
I´ts like this order:

my first play (10 secs video like a warning) and then the first play video of the already made dvd and then the menu of the already made dvd.

Is this POSSIBLE? I´m being clear?



Of course, it’s possible.

You have 2 options. One is to add the small video in the VMG (Video Manager) domain only if you have no video or video with same aspect ratio from the already made DVD as the small video. Two is to add it as a separate VTS (Video Title Set).

Let’s say you choose option 1:

  1. Follow this guide in adding a First Play Video:
  2. Starting from Step 9 of the guide, [B]copy[/B] ALL pre-commands from First Play PGC and [B]paste[/B] them in the post commands of VMG PGC X, where your small video resides.
  3. Now [B]delete[/B] ALL pre-commands in First Play PGC and add a “Jump VMG PGC X” command.

What you are doing is redirecting the original First Play to play your small video first then resumes the playback order from the already made DVD.


Thanks, it worked. HOwever now all the videos are played only the first 4 secs, any clues?


Make sure you do a full export, not a test export, which is controlled in the Tools/Options - Import/Export tab.