How to add a menu to a DVD folder




I have been making DVDs that contain a number of avi video files. I have been useing WINAVI to transcode the files to DVD format, which generates a folder of DVD files (vob, bup, ifo) which I then use Nero Express to burn onto a DVD and watch on my stand alone dvd player on my TV. I have been using Winavi because it transcodes much faster than Nerovision. The results are good.

Problem: I would like to be able to add a DVD menu to the already existing DVD structure.

I tried using Nerovision, but it sometimes fails to do the “smart encode” when importing the VOB files. There doesn’t seem to be any way to control that option except to disable it globally. When it is enabled, it seems to be hit or miss whether the software decides the video file is “compatible”. If it transcodes, I loose the advantage of converting with WINAVI first (speed). Also if it transcodes, it changes the file size (usually bigger) using up more of the DVD space than is necessary.

I tried using TMPGEnc 1.6 in the same way (adding the VOB files). There is no issue of trying to transcode the files, but I find that the result has audio sync problems.

Am I trying to use the above software in the wrong way? Should I be using something else?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.



faster doesn’t necessarily mean better.I’ve been using NVE and TMPG for quite a few years and have had no probs really.If your importing camcorder or vhs stuff…try and use the capture function in nero.I just “add video files” in NVE then follow the instructions.Never been any more difficult than that.If it’s the Audio issue then its sounds like WinAvi has the audio out of sync in some way when you try tmpg.Maybe it’s why nero and tmpg are screwing it up.


NVE takes over 2.5 hours to transcode 45 min of video. WINAVI does it in about 40 - 45 min.

There is nothing wrong with the audio sync coming out of winavi. I burned the result to dvd and checked. It is only after I try to use TMPGEnc Author to import the VOB files and add a menu, that I get the audio sync problem. It is TMPGEnc that causes the problem.



use virtualdubmpeg2 to strip the audio away from the vob files…then in tmpg you can add the audio file seperate instead of it being all in one.It will sync the audio w/ the vob files and turn it into an authored and complaint dvd


I have virtualdub 1.6.11 . Are you referring to this or another program. When I try to open the VOB file in Virtualdub I get:
“MPEG Import Filter: Invalid pack at position 3: marker bit not set; possibly MPEG-2 stream”



I got VirtualDubMpeg-2 (modified virtualdub). I don’t see how to strip out the audio. There is only a “save wav” selection, but TMPGEnc does not accept a wav as the audio file.

I also tried to set TMPGEnc to re-encode the audio to MPEG-1 (instead of Dolby Digital track that is part of the original VOB file). I still get the same sync problems.


Hello again.

I tried Videoredo and it did the trick, fixing the audio sync. I only do this very infrequently, so I am hoping someone knows of a free video repair utility for MPEG2 files.



now we just went off topic from encoding to making dvd menus. i would also like to know how to make a dvd menu. like family guy has a season of course you all know and now i’m trying to make a dvd menu so then what would i use to make it, also i already converted the files into dvd format using winavi


Used the same Encode with WINAVI and then I imported the VOB files into TMPGENC Author to create the menu…

But after I do this, it introduces an audio sync problem.

Videoredo seems to fix the files produced by WINAVI.