How to achieve full burning speed?

Hi, I recently bought a NEC 3500a 16x burner. I have yet to burn anything but when I open Nero (the latest one) and select copy dvd it only goes up to 6x. Why doesn’t it show the 16x option? I know there won’t be 16x media for a while (I just bought some 8x media), but why is the speed limited? I flashed the firmware to 2.17 the latest official release from NEC, and am pretty sure I have all the DMA options enabled. Thanks.

probably cos you have no dvd in the drive ? for that nec

Transfer Rate Read CD: 48x CAV (max7200 kByte/s)

Transfer Rate Read DVD: 16x CAV (max 22000 kBytes)

Transfer Rate Write +R (CD): ./.

Transfer Rate Write +R (DVD): 16x CAV (max 22000 kByte/s)

Transfer Rate Write +R9 (CD): ./.

Transfer Rate Write +R9 (DVD): 4x CLV (5500 kByte/s)

Transfer Rate Write +RW (CD): ./.

Transfer Rate Write -R (CD): 48x CAV (max. 7200 kByte/s)

Transfer Rate Write -R (DVD): 16x CAV (max22000 kByte/s)

Transfer Rate Write -RW (DVD): 4x CLV (5500 kByte/s)

Trasfer Rate Write -RW (CD): 24x ZCLV (max 3600kByte/s)


The firmware (both stock 2.16 and Herries 2.17) are media MID code sensitive - meaning that the firmware writers have based the speed - for a certain brand/speed media on what the 3500 can burn with decent quality-

If you use Taiyo Yuden 8x - you can burn the -R’s at 12x and the +R’s at 16x-

Good places to find Tayio Yuden 8x’s are and

Happy Burnin’


Thanks, I just put an Ridata 8x in there and it showed the 8x option in nero. So in other words, you’re saying that it will burn what the media will allow?


No - It burns what the firmware developers determine that the 3500 will do a good job with a particular media at their given speed - which may be more OR less than the medias speed rating - and in the case of the 8x Ridata - it is going to give you a good burn at 8x-