How to access locked file?



Ok I have gotten a new hard drive and started to have software problems with. To keep it short, I couldn’t fix the problem or reinstall so have to wipe the HD but want to keep my save game files, but I have locked “My Documents” so when I try to get my save games files it says “Access is Denied” (I am running of my old hard drive at the moment). Is there anyway I can get into this? There is no option “Open As” so I can’t open it using my user name and password. If anyone could help Thanks in advance


If you right click on the folder and select properties does it have a security tab? (sorry I run a Domain an its been a while since I played stand alone).

Can you access it from Safe Mode?


No but it has a sharing tab and a header local sharing and security. It has a box saying “make this folder private” which is not ticked and faded (so you can’t tick it).