How the

How the f do you get the damned power and ide cables out of the back of a cdrom! do u just pull em out or is there a little catch u push first?

i tried takin em out but was reluctant to use too much force in fear of braking something; should i just pull harder?

Be sure to pull at the plug and not the cable.
There is no trick, it can take quite some force sometimes.

Using the cables is tempting perhaps (because of the grip) but that way you can damage the cable.

Sometimes it heps to jiggle a bit, start at one side first.

Be careful though. I tried pulling on the drive cables and when they came out i cut my hand on the power supply. With my other drive, the cables seem to be welded:D

different drives have different size connectors.
(well…only by a few microns)

but enough to cause havoc and cut your hands like flyingduchman said.

wiggle from side to side like tax said…its the best method.

yeah. this is a real problem that needs to be solved. sometimes i just cant get the power cable out and i feel like @$@$#@^