How the hell do u make cd volume labels with sp ac es in them?



Do any one know how i can make my own volume label when creating my own cd's, for example
"Mu Utilities 1". I have the pc game called 'the Sims' and that has a space between the words but i try create any cd's and try 2 input a space between them i get an 'ivalid volume error'. I tried using CDRWIN, Adaptec's EZCD creator, Nero and none of them let input a space when i want to give my cd a name. Can any one help me please!!??


Ch5 Micky


Use Nero and where you type in the volume label there is a check option. Something like “Use same label for Joliet filesystem”. Uncheck this and at the top of that screen (Where it say ISO9660) you can now also select “Joliet”. Here you can use Spaces and other non ISO9660 Allowed characters.

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pSyChO dAd


In any CD Create Proggy… ISO9660= no spaces JOLIET = spaces
Usually the settings for this are found in the CD Layout Properties.

Hope this helps;


Thanx Psycho Daddy i’ll take ur advice and try again.

Azazel i tried using joliet in Apdaptec’s EZCD creator and it still says that it is an invalid volume name, why???


Ch5 Micky


Probably coz EZCD Sucks big time…

It works for me with Nero and WinOnCD


pSyChO dAd


just wanna let you know that the volume label of The Sims is: THE_SIMS

there is NO space in between!


Thanx for the info Squage.


Ch5 Micky