How the f*ck can i get a a-open(ricoh) cd-writer working under clonecd

I have heart it was possible,
but no one has ever been able to tell me!

plz help me and many others with this f*cking problem



Ricoh will NEVER be supported by Clone CD.
Check their website.

I have heart from people who did got it working! (like uptownchris?)

I hope your wrong, but i cant be sure…


Well if you heard that it can be done then I suppose when the developers of Clone CD say that Ricoh will never be supported that they don’t know what they are talking about!

Ok my friends say the got the upgrade from here, its an upgrade to your firmware, click on english

thx uptownchris

ill give it shot…

btw: do u know wether i can uninstall that bios?

uptownchris: do u know wich firmware he has chosen?

i know that my a-open cdrw is identical to the 7040 from ricoh, but i allready have the firmware 1.4 version of a-open (and that doesnt do raw writing)

should i use the firmware of a newer model?


Im not sure and there not around, hmm do you have the highest update they have for your model?


i have the latest update…

Will it work 4 the RICOH MP7060S, coz my mate sez that he found 1 that does…?