How the f*ck can I copy TL 42/43?!



met een goede cdromspeler en een grote bak met geduld


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Who knows how to copy twilight 42 and 43???
Please tell me!


Its fuckin’ simple:

First you need a solid tl original.
or a good copy, then you use nero or cdrwin or win on cd.
past the cd into the drive an empty cd-r into the burner.
maak an image onyour hd and then burn the son of a bitch.
that easy…
need more info mail me


tl 43 just copy 1
tl 42 needs a new menu95.exe
you will find it at
good luck



I tried to copy it with CloneCd, but it didn’t work! Is there no protection on the cd’s at all?!


No, if you ask me they only can be copied by an image file


No there is no protection!

like i said before just go with nero or win on cd
and burn it voor safety reasons make an image
its better for the quality
if you are a fast burner do a 1 : 1


TL42, burned on-fly at 8X with Nero4.0.7.5
in a 80’ media. I tried to burn on 74’ but my
Plex PX-W8220T (with the overburn problem)
not finished succesfully, but work properly.
I’ve a Pioneer DR-U16S for source.
For TL43, yet i don’t know!