How the BSA fights against piracy

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Source: The Register

BSA deploys imaginary pirate software detector vans

The Business Software Alliance aka The Pirate Busters is growing so frustrated in its hopeless efforts to cut down on…

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Love you too MP !

Crazy …
Do you think BSA Have lost the plot, Some where along the way ?

No problem at all… you can take the credits

They could detect illegal sofware by using the reverse of the Tempest system to monitor your computer monitor (not LCD’s) and if they also recorded you in the act of pirating software then they could in theory use that as evidence.

on the other hand this could be complete bullshit

from now on i will sell mega shields you can pull over your pc better over jour house… this will protect you against the BSA sattelite…

Oh My Gawd…!
I will have to unplug my Web-Cam now be4 I do anymore copying of software…LMAO

Oh ! and by the way, in almost any country in the world, the act of scanning the contents of somebody’s hard-disk or media by any means, without consent, can be considered as industrial spying or privacy violation, which is a criminal offense.

Hey we could even call this piracy !

You’ve gotta be kidding me!!! So I guess this is the Close Encounters of the BSA Kind ! I have seen desparate people but this is insane. Who do they think they are dealing with kids in the kindergarden who believe in Boogy Man ?!

Waahoo…best joke of the century, except “zuipnikkel” Bush for president

THE BSA Just dropped in last week, AT MY HOME !!!
I was very very lucky, because my system crashed the day before and I don’t keep my TL Collection at home. So I was just installing Win98.

Damn, if the BSA busts my ass they’ll find more than 300 warez cdz…
Better hide them

i hope this is all in sarcasm. there is no way that you can detect by proxy what people do with their pc. even with the internet a simple installation of zonealarm(.com) will secure all.

in uk there is a paradox with these things:

they cant enter your house, search you, or look at your pc without a warrant (dont allow them to, they cant do anything

they cant get a warrant without looking at your pc

they cant do anything short of finding you holding a warez disk out and voluntarily being photographed!


Hehe maybe we should email em tellin them theyre wastin their time - our new mega shields can stop their van. this is the biggest load of bullshit ive heard in a long time.

maybe we can place here some tips about how to hide cd, or something like that.
Also can speak dutch

Somebody mentioned Tempest for the bsa, they can pickup the signals of the monitor, so what if you have the monitor turned after you start to burn a cd??

Where can i get a mega shield?


ay carumba…this shit tastes betta than my bean cheese burrito esse. i thinks that you can jack one of these mega shield things from albertsons or something. shit thats where i got mine. gimme money ill get you one too esse. but i gotta make profit homes, shit i need my quesadillas esse, shit homes megashield!!!

Just to correct ‘1’ the police in the u.k. do NOT need a warrant to enter your home, there is a provision in the law that sayes if they beleive you are about to destroy the evidence they can bust yor door in INSTANTLY!!!