How Speed Read disable? on CD Speed v1.02


How Speed Read disable?? on CD Speed v1.02



Like Mitsumi’s 54x writer, the Premium ran into a few problems with our test discs. The drive had no problems reading them with Speed Read disabled, but with it enabled, problems started to occur. When the drive would reach the 62 minute mark, the read speeds would drop down to about 4x. If you take a look at the screenshot shown below, you’ll see what I mean.

While we’re not ready to start using them in our reviews, I gave our new test discs a go. Luckily, the Premium was able to read them without any problems.

Even then, Plextor’s new writer wasn’t as fast as I had expected. With Speed Read enabled, the Premium started out pretty fast, but came up a little short of 52x in the end. On the other hand, the Premium’s seek times are very good. While not as fast as the Mitsumi’s, the Plextor’s seek times were considerably faster than the writers from Samsung and Lite-On.

You need to do that in Plextools

SpeedRead is disabled by default. You can enable it via PlexTools (as alexnoe said) or by pressing an holding the eject button for about three seconds (the drive’s LED will blink three times in green).