How Sony got Blu-ray to win



I just posted the article How Sony got Blu-ray to win.

Forbes has an interesting story on how Sony not just won the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD war but also changed parts of its business for the better thanks to it. The article mentions the moves from Toshiba and…

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I don’t need to read the Forbes article, I already know how Sony won the war. First, Sony executives tore the head off a live chicken. Then they poured its blood over a candle-decorated pentagram. After reading aloud some versus from the Book of the Dead, Satan appeared. Well, you can guess the rest.



… and Forbes has been known for truthful reporting in the past… geez people wake up!


What I find most disturbing is that a lot of these articles don’t mention the fact that Sony BOUGHT the movie studios to be on their ‘team’.
There seems to be another issue surfacing… that people really do not care about HI-DEF (certainly not to the point whereby they will ‘upgrade’ other equipment to cater for it) - so it’s not just confined to being a blu-ray problem.


who says they won i work for a big electrical company in the uk and i can tell ya all one thing we sell 20 to 1 upscaling dvd players to a single blue crap player so if they have one how come the sales say otherwuse ?


One quote from the article is something quoted as fact - "To get the best available picture quality, consumers will need to replace almost every video device they own–televisions, video players and video cameras."
This is arguable. One man’s “best available picture quality” is another man’s “It’s Ok but not great picture quality”. People don’t want to spend all the money needed to replace all that stuff.


Toshiba did the same thing by ‘buying’ Paramount to go HD-DVD exclusive. As I’ve said before Sony had more money to burn than Toshiba hence why they won. Now it’s time to get over it…buy an NMT…and just be happy that you can pretty watch ANYTIING you want from either format :bigsmile:


Hey, WISEMAN, did you knew that the PS3 also doubles as a Blu-Ray player? I know it’s not a very known fact but maybe that explains something… :wink:

I also have some disdain for Forbes, but the article is interesting, nonetheless.


I don’t like Sony, I don’t like how they bought out Tosiba (as rumored) but face the reality people. Its still early in the days of HD. HD IS the future of TV and WILL be the norm eventually. DVD took a few years to really take off and so will BR and all other forms of HD content. In 10 years do you think DVDs will still outsell BR ? No, they will likely go the way of VHS I don’t see any other format replacing BR as the HD standard that you buy to own. And please don’t try to tell me digital downloads etc… will replace a physical medium that people can own and take to their friends house to watch etc… Thats a ridiculous notion.


@ ivid

I will never buy a Blu-ray player or Blu-ray discs. I’ll have a kick-ass HTPC for all my HD needs.


@Duke: you can’t compare HTPC with real aka standalone HD system! :cool:

Got big screen? Got sound card with DTS HD MA support? :bigsmile:


Yes, you can. I have an HTPC which has a combination Blu-ray/HD DVD ROM drive. It has and HDMI output. It is connected to my 42-inch HDTV. The sound card has digital output. I connect it to my AV receiver. I do not care about the type of digital output, since my AV receiver won’t handle the newer HD sound formats, but the PC does put out Dolby Digital surround sound. I haven’t paid much attention to the other sound outputs. It all sounds good to me. Digital video downloads also look great, since the HTPC upscales everything to 1080i through the HDMI output. Having an HTPC does not mean that you can’t have it connected to other home theater components. It does not mean that you have to watch it on a PC monitor and listen to it on PC speakers.


I like how Sony has been forced to make its products better because of competing products, not so much being the first and only company with a certain technology.

I am not the biggest fan of Sony, but have backed the Blu-ray format from the beginning. I’ve especially liked how the price of players and movies have dropped quite a bit over the past couple of months, and can’t wait to see further price cuts in the future.

I did feel kind of bad for Toshiba because its HD DVD format died so close to CES in January.

Stringer has impressed me, but I will reserve judgment on his overall brilliance until he is able to turn around Sony’s TV line. If he can do that, and I sort of think he’ll be able to at some point, then Sony can give him another fat bonus check.



That sounds good Sony win Blu-ray to HD.

It’s a pity that both HD and Blu-ray have not come into my life and the HD will go away.

Ridiculous! Isn’t it?


ferd, you have a blu ray player, that’s kinda cheating :slight_smile:
But good luck getting close to the quality and fluid motion of BR @ 120HZ on that HTPC with the downloads.

Duke, never say never. You gonna be the only “kid” on the block who can’t rent or buy the latest movies because you won’t buy a BR player ? Yeahhh…
I’m not talking about the next 5 years, but eventually DVD will go the way of VHS.


VHS was around for 15+ years because of its recording capabilities. As long as DVD recorders become cheaper and cheaper, they gonna be in the game for a long time. Besides Blu-ray is attracting a lot of movie buffs, but myself dont watch that many movies. When Blu-ray recorders start to get cheap thats when Blu-ray will take over. But the consumer right now is happy with DVD because you can record on them…


I will buy a Blu ray player when they do not sell DVD players or movies and mine breaks, they cost too much. I do not need hd, I do not have a HD tv and can not afford one. Hope Sony chokes on their victory!