How smart are you?



I have come across a video on facebook, and I want you to tell me what you think of it:A Must See; They Couldn’t Violate This One Round Of Applause


I was suprised they didn’t just arrest the man.
I would like to know why they had his child . It would have been interesting to know that.

He was telling the police officers " ignorance of the law is no excuse".
My answer to that is “Yes it is”.
I’m sure there isn’t even one attorney in the USA that isn’t ignorant of some of the laws. Much less the rest of us.
I don’t know about the rest of you but I haven’t even read the Obamacare act much less other laws. I bet most of the senators & congressmen that voted for it or against it didn’t read it in it’s entirety. That’s just one group of laws.
That would make them ignorant of a law they voted on.


Okay, let’s let the cat out of the bag…this has to be the most brilliant out of context video I have seen in a while.
You may notice that in the video part of the tagline is: “…Round Of Applause” I give him an applause
Not for pwning the police in his favor…but for being able to fool so many people in the comments on facebook. The real back story is…the kid in question was loitering on someone’s private property, john doe called the police…they arrived and the police realizing he is a minor, decided to questioned the kid where he lived and such to put him out of harm’s way. The police brung him to the parent, and as we see in the video the father decided to… without rationalizing, ramble to the officers. If you ever wanted to know what a pseudo-intellectual sounds like…you just saw one…:cool: