How should the jumpers be set on the NEC 3500A

Hi I am having some serouse problems trying to get my PC to detect my new NEC dvd writer.

My dvd writer never came with any instructions or manuals so I have no idea on how to set it up.

A person answerd my ? in another fourm >> he said this

“”"“It’s not a problem with the cable, but if the jumper on the back of the new DVD burner is not set correctly, then it’s impossible for the computer to recognize it. Once you set the jumper correctly, then the computer should recognize it immediately. Look on the back of the DVD burner or in the manual to find out how to set the jumper.”""""""

wot does this guy mean by setting up the jumper >??? any 1 no wot I need to do ??

its been a long 4 hours trying to install my new NEC drive, totaly gutted!! :a

You need to choose Master, Slave, or Cable Select for your writer. The last option means that the cable itself will choose the Master or Slave option. There is a piece of plastic which must be moved to cover the appropriate pins (or jumpers) on the back of the writer, next to the power connector. It shouldl say M S or CL.

Do you want it to be Master or Slave - assuming you have a choice?

HI mate you seem to be the first person I have spoken to all night who seems to no wot he is talking about.

the thing is mate I am total thick and dont understand all this master slave thing.

all I no is I have attached this dvd writer to the IDE cables inside my PC and my PC isnt detecting it, the other end of the IDE cable is attached to 1 of my hard drives.

I am not botherd which goes to which, as long as I can get this drive installed and up and running on my PC.

If you could advise me step by step on wot I need to do that would be awesome !! mate

I understand how to get in 2 the Bios etc.

thanks jamie


if HDD is on same cable the dvdrw drive must be jumpered as Slave put the jump on pins labled S or SL

Look closely at the back of the drive and you will be able to see a rectangular rubber that can be remove. Just plug out the rubber and plug into the next slot. :iagree:

It is likely that the hard drive is the Master. Therefore, if using the same cable, the writer must become the Slave. As most writers come from the factory with the jumper for Master, you need to change it to the Slave position.

You will need to connect the power lead as well.


If the hard drive is at the END of the ribbon cable - then it is the “Master”

You should put your burner on the MIDDLE connector and put the jumper on “Slave” setting-

The jumper pins have a small rectangular connector that has to be placed over the two vertical pins (usually in the middle of the two rows of three pins across and to the left of the forty pin connector on the back of the drive)-