How should my IDE HDD or DVD/RW drives be set?



My new mobo has only one IDE connector and I’m trying to decide if I want to use two DVD/RW’s on this one ribbon cable or if I want to use one hard disk and one DVD/RW.

If I go with the HDD and the DVD/RW; should the HDD be set to Master and the DVD/RW set to Slave? If not this configuration, what?

If I go with two DVD/RW’s; how should the devices be set? Which to which on the cable…

I’d sort of like to have the PATA HDD installed so I can easily backup my primary (SATA) drive…assuming that’s possible since we’re talking about two different types of HDD’s…SATA and PATA.

And since I make copies of family reunion disks to distribute to family frequently, it would be nice to have the two DVD/RW’s installed.

My primary hard drive will be a SATA drive and will contain my operating system (Windows XP Home).

What so you about my issues?


If you can use a SATA hard disc to install the operative system, you can use the IDE slot to install two IDE burners. In this case, one of the drives must be set as master, and the other as slave.

If the operative system is installed on an IDE hard disc, then I suggest to connect the HDD as master, and the burner as slave.

If you use the IDE hard disc for backup purposes only, an alternative is to install the IDE HDD in an external box and use it through an USB port only when you do a backup.

Do this makes sense? :slight_smile:


Avoid mixing HDD and a burner on same IDE cable. :wink:

Make sure IDE controller is running in compatibility mode (or equal). Check your motherboard manual and BIOS settings.