How should I mod my computer?

I have so many mods planned for my main system I might get them all done in a few years (new baby, no time or sleep, drink too much on nights I have the next day off so hangover). Piece by piece, I get them done, slowlly, very slowlly.

Here is my last mod. I currently have 4 hard drives (9 to chose from but 4 in this computer and the rest in use in other computers). Two are pata drives with abit serille (not misspelled, trade name) adapters) so that I can use pata drives with the sata raid1 (two 160 gig hitachis for reliable backup and I would like to keep them that way). I made custom blue uv wiring harnesses for all 4 drives including the floppy type conection for power to the serriele adapters. I have many round ide conectors but id did the best I could within reason (within reason meaning cost and poverty), to get good round cabels that were the perfect length. So here is a picture of that.
I have to reach behind the hard drive cage to disconect power to the cage, Which branches out to the respecitve power conectors (the cage has a single conection point), but power to the drives is modular. It was designed, that once I cut access holes in the motherboard tray (non removable and holes are cut far from the actual motherboard), it is basically quick plug and play for any equipment as well as cage removal.

So whats next? Do this to my cd/dvd drive bays (much harder to do because of quick slide out rails on my antec case, want to keep that quick change ability.
Overclock my 8500? I have pelts/tecs waiting for install on one of my two 8500’s (not ground breaking overclocking but it would be fun to push one of my old reliable 8500’s (have two real ati 8500’s). I have external power for the tech, or my new 250 watt (I know crappy 250 watt but 16 amps on the 12v!!!). I know about good and bad power supplies. This main system has been wired for plug and play second power supply
pics of the adapter I made
These pics are old and diagrams may not be accurate
All I lack to do tec on my 8500 is a cold plate (shouldn’t be hard to find a copper plate). No water cooling here, geto style, bigass athlonxp heatsink and fan of choice sitting on my video card (with extra support for the weight, if I cannot figure out support for the weight, those 3 years of enginerring at the university of utah with honers will go to waste, it didn’t get me a job, financial dropout)???
I already tried all kind of tec (peltier) stuf for case cooling, This is first prototype but thats All I got pics online for
I could redo my raid (got a new raid card, an old promise 4 channel that is not win xp compatible, but I found alternative xp drivers for it ???
it is installed and has been runninmg in this computer for 2 months (with no array attached). It is not officially supported in xp, but it has dual / dual raid controllers. Too bad all 9 hard drives are so packied full of shit I dont even know what is thier anymore??? Tried many time to just mass delete shit, but franklly, I’m a pack rat and an acuumulator. I could free up some drives to do new raid play (which I would love), but it would be a major, very time consuming undertaking to clean up and free up drives (buying ne drives doesn’t help, if I have a drive, I’ll find shit to fill it up)??!!??

So many other things I could do to my computer???

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