How short is your fuse?

Recently, I’ve noticed alot of people getting their knickers in a knot & posting the same. It’s really starting to get to me, as the people doing it are seasoned CDfreaks Veterans. The CDfreks environment is one which preaches ethics & tolerance, but recently, it doesn’t seem quite the same.

So, at any rate … how short is your fuse?

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Depends entirely if i’m a fanatic follower of the topic :slight_smile:

ssssssssssssssssss…BANG! :wink:

cool head usually

3 words for ya Debro




Shakalaka! Boom Shakalaka!

you forgot the first BOOM


Pretty long, long fuse. My boss however has a freaking short fuse. He threw a stack of papers down because the printer didn’t collate two pages. What a moron. Good thing I only have two more days to work there. Not sure what I will do next, but anything is better than to continually get harassed.

I can take comfort with some Jim Beam and coke.

Lol, that’s “pro-active” in action :wink:

I’d suggest your boss has an anger management issue.

Depends on how many days I’ve been at work. Just completed my fourteenth, another seven to go. This time next week I’ll be ready to hurl my crackberry out the window, stomp on my pager, and wring the neck of anyone who looks at me the wrong way. A six-pack and pinger later and I’ll be fine.