How Satisfied Are You with Your 1640?

I am wonder, now that many of us have BenQ 1640, how satisfied are we about this drive performance, its features , ripping speed, writing speed, its reliability and above all its quality of burning?. Let we all put our experiences we have had so far and from now on this thread may be we learn more about this drive and others have enough information to decide whether to buy this drive or not.

Based on firmware BSJB

  • Features: 9. Would give a 9 1/2 if it can overburn DVD+R 4600Mb and CDR 99mins. Got 9 because of complete Quality Scan features including jitter, MCSE and WOPC Tools support.

  • Writing speed: 8. BenQ 1620 can go faster.

  • Riping speed: 9 1/2. Can’t complain for a 15.66x DVD DL or 15.67x DVD+R DL. Would get a 10 if rip lock completely removed. Just found out one movie: “I do but I don’t”, Region 1, only 2x rip speed, in BenQ 1620 too. Plextor can rip it normally, btw.

  • Writing quality: 8 1/2. MKM001 @8x is a joke. Other than that is fine. Burning DVD-R is slightly better than 1620. Of course BenQ 1620/TYG02 still a lot better, at any speed.

Wow! From some of the scans in the Post Your 1640 Media Thread, I thought I saw TYG02 scans with YUDEN000 T02 like low PIE’s (my 1620 TYG02’s have 2-3x more PIE than my YUDEN000 T02’s for some reason - but 2-3x less PIF’s, which I’ll take any day of the week :slight_smile: ). Hmm, I guess I’ll have to take another look.

Well, in the very least, it’s good to know the 1620 still has good value. :slight_smile:

zevia, thanks for the great summary. I have been tempted but I already have the 1620 (finally working) and based on your run down it clearly has nothing to offer, especially if my main media, TYG02, is not as good. Sooner or later I will get reading and figure out what it does differently that gets people excited. It can’t be the DL burning cause no one does any.

Again, thanks for saving me $50.

I’m a 1640 n00b. Just got it from Newegg today. It has BSHB and I’m using it with Nero Burned some CD-RW’s and DVD+RW’s (all data so far) and they came out just fine.

I’ll post more after doing some hardcore testing. I’ve got some Verbatim 16x DVD-R media, Verbatim 4x DVD-R Movie Reel media and some Verbatim and HP 52x CD-R disks to test yet. I’ll do the same stuff I did for my 1620 with B7P9 and when I get the results, I’ll post. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info zevia. I was in an all fired hurry to get one but now there here I think I am in agreement with chase. Maybe I will just watch the goings on before buying one as I am pretty happy with my 1620’s for now and room for more burners is starting to become an issue.:wink:

I got excited because COdeKing and beats my 1620 DVD DL time with his 1640. :stuck_out_tongue:

It can’t be the DL burning cause no one does any.
If you see this post, it’s a transfer scan of MKM001. The burner use was BenQ 1640 @8x. See that little spikes at the layer break? The QS score is 0, yes Zero.

I know some people do DL burning, obviously. It is just so rare as to be virtually non-existent.

Notice how I avoided saying “no one in their right mind” does any DL burning?

Things I am happy about:
-As 16x media becomes more available, I’ll be able to use it to it’s full extent.
-Has good scanning ability, and can do it way faster than my Plextor could.

Things I’m a little unhappy about:
-I haven’t gotten a burn over 97% quality score yet. There’s always one stray peak somewhere.
-It doesn’t get along too well with my Shuttle case. I had to work on getting it mounted perfectly for a while so the button on my case would hit the button on the drive, and it needs help closing every time. The drive is stealthed behind a panel which opens out with it’s hinge on the bottom, and is supposed to close as the drive pulls in over it. The 1640 closes too slow and just gets caught. :confused:

I am satisfied with the quality of burns I am getting with the 1640. Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R gives me better burns on the 1640 than I got on the 1620. I am extremely satisfied with the 1640’s error correction capabilities and it’s ability to read scratched damaged disk’s. the only thing I am disappointed about is no overspeed capability. but as I understand it that is going to be rectified with the next firmware release.

hi ninbang. You should take a look at the latest scan in the dare thread, especially by Jegus and crossg here. Those are remarkable scans by 1620/TYG02/@16x. Don’t think 1640 can come close to that, yet. Who knows next week with its BSKB firmware.

satisfied with features but not satisfied with inability to overspeed media like my old nec. if it can do 90 or above quality for fujifilm taiyo yuden at 16x then i’d be satisfied. haven’t really use MediaCodeSpeedEdit but i did T02 > T03 , then burn at 12x, and the results weren’t pretty… made coaster.

I just got mine installed today. Worked great so far with BSJB F/W. I hope BSKB will speed up burning YUDEN000-T02-00. My only question…so far, I noticed that the drive fluctuates up and down in speed while burning. Is this normal or should it run at a steady speed? :confused:

Man, there’s no doubt that jegus and crossg are putting up some truly amazing TYG02 burns … at high speeds!! PIF max of 1 and PIF total of 13 (thirteen!!) … at 16x? That is absolutely insane. TYG02 is truly remarkable stuff.

I guess we won’t really know how the 1640 and 1620 compare until a 1640 firmware comes along to allow overspeeding. Then … it’s on. :slight_smile:

I believe it is too soon to rush to judgment and rendered a verdict on this drive, it is only been out for 2-3 months in Europe and less than 2 weeks in US. So far the biggest draw back is drive inability to overspend midea they other drive like (NEC) does but again this drive to young in the market and has room for maturities.

Just burned a Verbatim 16x DVD-R blank on the 1640 at a full 16x. This is the screen for the quality test. Not sure how it fares compared to what is expected. Hope it ends up looking good.

Here is the read test on that same data disk I burned:

This is the ripping speed (Transfer Rate) using D/L pressed DVD Video disk.

Also the follwing are the scan quality for previous burned disk

Is MCSE allowed in the “Dare Thread” I just got an amazing burn with Yuden000-T02-000 @ Yuden T03 with WOPC disabled.