How safe or reliable is EAC?



I was wondering, before I install EAC, how reliable is it?

On the website it says to use at your own risk.
Has anyone had any problems with their pc after installing it?
I’m just being careful, maybe too careful.

I have Windows XP and I also found a site that mentions to find shortn32.exe and set it to “Windows 2000” in the properties.

It sounds like a great little program that I could make use of alot, as long as its stable and safe for pc.



The standard disclaimer that accompanies any freeware software. Go ahead and install it. I have used it for years. It is also the recommended ripper on HydrogenAudio - the best audio site on the 'net. Thirty thousand audiophile maniacs can’t be wrong. =)


I have never had a problem with it…On their website they also recommend that if you have any problems with the latest version to download and try one of the three stable previous versions also available from their website.

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind


Thanks Never_Again,
You made pretty clear that its a terrific ripper and I’m going to install it.
Looks like lots of people have it, from reading threads here and there.



djmind, I noticed there were other betas.
So now the question is… Which One is the best? :confused:

I guess go for the latest one eh? :slight_smile:


I have had no problems with the latest version, I would try that one, then work my way down with the second most recent, third most recent, etc…

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind