How safe can DL speed get?

I was wondering how fast we will be able to burn DL disks. I know dvd+/-r is 16x. Also will there be DL RW disks? is this even possible?

Maybe 5x or 6x.

one of the code guys said the the DL write strategies are very similar to DVD+R SL write strategies. the only thing needed is the recalibration for the second layer after burning the first layer

That doesn’t mean that it is as easy to produce DVD+R DL disks as producing DVD+R SL disks. At least, the media production is more difficult and more powerful laser is required.

so in other words dvd burners have almost reached the max possible speeds?

I wouldn’t rule out high dual layer speeds. Just don’t expect to see them too soon.

So I am curious is the consesus that 5/6x is max for DL burning

No. I expect at least 8x next year. I don’t know if they have decided the next speed specs after 4x yet though, BenQ talked about 6x-10x in an interview a while ago.

8x speeds would be sweet, will save 10 minutes in the writting process. Now we need DL + RW’s.

On a side note anyone know if they will have DL-R/RWs?

wow 8x…maybe as fast as 10x …that would very nice

The idea of having 8.5gb for data backup is nice…just hope the prices drop on DL discs

I was thinking about getting one of the 16x dvd+r/4x DL…wonder if we are talking a year or 6mo …optical storage speeds change so fast

It will take a while to see higher DL recording speeds, I also believe that 6x-8x should be max.

Well, 10x DVD+R DL will be nearly as fast as the 16x SL writing of Pioneer DVR-A08. :slight_smile: