How: Ripping Prodisc, AEI music CD from retail stores

Is there a ripper or decryptor for a Prodisc CD that only plays on a Prodisc player found at clothing reatilers, restaurants, etc. The CDs hold about 80 songs / (4) 1 hour long blocks. Any suggestions, tips? The logo AEI music is on it, and reads, for the Prodisc system. Interesting eh? Thanks!

Have you tried putting the disk into your computer CD-ROM drive and browse its contents?

The only thing I could think of is to connect the Prodisc player to your sound card (preferably through a digital in) and capture the songs to wav format…

If its a custom made disc and player, then its probally protected by some sort of dongle ie… hardware protection. So i doubt you would be able to read the disc without some sort of modchip.
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Sounds to me like it might be a custom compressed audio format, or maybe encrypted .mp3, etc. If you can’t even read the data on your CDROM drive, it might be a proprietary format, or may not even actually be a CD (maybe a DVD type optical disc that looks like a CD but has greater capacity).

still trying to discover whats on these…the headers are different. I’ve been working to try to find a way to decipher the instructions for the player and find the RAW music data on here, but i haven’t gotten very far, as the information available on the net is almost nothing :-(. I’ll post back if i have any luck or find out something more, i just joined this site in effort to aid this project.

hey compuman, i found a way to get the raw data off of one of those retail store CD’s. all you have to do is download the latest version of Isobuster and use it, it’s fairly straight forward. But now that i have the RAW data on my computer, what do i use to actually be able to listen to it?

Very useful info here !!!
I haveanother question…
I have AEI system in my home and try to find out how to make CD or DVD that can be played there…

Any suggestions ?

There is no protection on the CD. The discs are in fact ordinary now obsolete Philips CD-I format. The disc uses the standard XA Mode2 Form2 format and the Philips RTOS file system. Problem is that CD-I discs are like boot discs and actually holds software that run’s on a CD-I machine, so data could be in any format.

But, lucky for u guys, AEI music CD’s have the audio part in raw ADPCM 37800Hz (37.8kHz) format. Same as raw audio samples on a CDDA, but at a little lower sampling rate, and it’s interleaved because of XA format.

If you can rip out the MUSIC file as raw 2352 bytes using ISOBuster, then you’re in luck, as you can use a program called PSmplay to listen or to convert to wav file.

IsoBuster will only extract the files contained on the disc, but the file “music” on the disc is still a encrypted .bin file you’ll have to find a program that will alow you to get past the protection and view the music in the .bin/cue file. Anyone know of such software or a solution ?

This Problem has been solved… You can get to the files using the latest version of isobuster, ultraiso, winiso etc… but the only way you can get the actual music from the “music” file on the disc is to use alcohol 120% blindwrite etc, the program bypasses the copywritten encryption on the disc. It took me about 15 mins to decode a test prodisc. Let me know if anyone needs any help…

Could you, or anybody else for that matter, go into some more depth on getting the music from a ProDisc onto my computer. My brother got one from a clothing store that he works at and he’d like to know how to get it off the computer. Thanks in advance. Note, I already have Alcohol 120% on my computer, but I just couldn’t figure out what to do with it from there.

Use Isobuster to extract the .bin file then open Alcohol 120% and mount the image with virtual drive and from there you’ll be able to view the contents…

Thanks a bunch.

can you give us the EXACT steps on how you did it because i could not get this method to work.


Or you could just go and get a ProDisc player from eBay as I did, I got a 5-Disc changer for $60 bux. (I’ve seen the single-drawer players sell for as low as $10 bux because not many people know what these players are, Sellers OR buyers)
But I know I know - This is a CD forum and we wanna HACK the thing :slight_smile:
So far I’ve found this NFO in this post to be very helpful fellas, thanx.
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Use Isobuster to extract the entire CD image which is a .BIN file once it saves it will ask you where to save the .CUE file. Once you save both to the same destination. Use Alcohol 120% to mount that image and cue, then you’ll need a full copy of nero to listen and rip the tracks by selecting the virtual drive created. The method of ripping the disc is almost exactly the same as ripping a PS2 or game disc. Do not rip the “music” file it will not work. You need the raw data from the entire cd, so make sure the drop list (+/-) is not out, you will see the extractions options in bold if you’re doing this right. And once Again by mounting the image using Alcohol 120% to mount the image via virtual drive, it bypasses the encryption (protection) on the disc. The cd itself is basically a software disc and requires the aei/dmx player which is the hardware…

okay i did everything you said but after i mount the bin/cue files with alcohol 120, and go into nero to “save track” I get a “No Disc Error”

Not sure which step am i getting wrong or why its not working…

ANy help would be appricated. THanks!

In extras…save tracks, you need to select the virtual drive that has the bin/cue on it…if that doesn’t work you’re doing something wrong.

I’m getting the exact same error message when going through all the steps. “The Disc is Empty” when opening it via Nero v7. Here are the steps I took:

[ul]Opened disc via IsoBuster 1.8, right clicked on “CD” (not expanded) and selected “Extract CD <Image>” and saved it as a .bin file along with a .cue file.

[ul]Opened Alcohol 120% v1.95, mounted the .cue file in a SCSIVAX DVD/CD-ROM virtual drive

[ul]Opened Nero v7 Burning ROM, selected the “Save Tracks” option from the Extras menu. I then proceeded to select the virtual drive from Alcohol 120%, and when it was selected it gave me the error message “The Disc is Empty”.

Are you sure we are talking about the exact same disc? Perhaps this is a different version that this client of DMX/AEI uses? I heard it was encoded data.

don’t know what you all are doing wrong…i am talking about the same aei/dmx prodiscs. it could be i’m using a registered version of alcohol 120% or could be that i’m using nero 6. Only if there was some way i could show you all what it looks like on screen.