How reliable is nero cd speed?

I have been checking a few of my discs with cd speed using the scandisc utility and I get very different results from my drives…my writer (liteon 32123s) might show a small cluster of yellow ‘damaged’ blocks at the end of the scan whereas my liteon dvd ltd163d drive shows a completely different result with a few yellow blocks at the beggining of the scan but all ok at the end. I have a tevion disc which works perfectly but shows every block as yellow but other tevion discs show all green blocks…I realise that there might be other factors such as drive compatability with the program but should the results be taken seriously or is there a better program for determining the quality of my burns and discs?..dave


Not sure, but your media is probably a little tacky and not brilliant quality wise and the dvd drive is probably not too good at handling disc errors or reporting accurately what it finds.

There has been discussion on CDSpeed and the ‘yellow’ clusters - many believe the s/w has a bug - which is seems to have, but generally all I know is that with quality media in 3 drives all scandisk and Media Quality tests are green from beginning to end and there is no slow-down at all over the whole disc - can’t say this for other media including tdk in these 3 drives (all Plextors).


I also forgot to mention that I usually get a red block on the very last square when writing a multisession disc only to have it disappear (turn to green) when I add more data…how can it be unreadable one minute then ok the next??..I have set about testing the validity of the test by getting a number of discs and running them through the test 5 times each and I have found that if I encounter a yellow block very early in the test…I can immediately stop it and start again and the block is reported as ‘green’ and ok??? most of the discs return the same results with the yellow sectors in the same place in all 5 runs, however I have a tdk reflex disc that reports different results every time I test it!..I wonder if other factors can affect the test such as testing immediately after a burn (as opposed to rebooting first)…it seems I have found something to keep me occupied for a while heh heh! I will keep anyone who is interested posted if I have any interesting findings…cheers …dave

I’ve asked the question to myself as well, many times.

Here is my conclusion: A good disc that is perfectly written will always get 100% on the quality score.

A disc that have ok quality will give c2 errors(damaged) in some drives, but the c2 errors may not be at the same places on the disc in every reader…don’t ask me why…

A bad disc will have unreadable sectors (normally at the same place in every drive).

I think CD-Speed only shows the information reported from the drive. So if the drive reports that it corrected a c2 error, CD-Speed will show it as a damaged sector.

Feel free to recommend other programs the I may use for testing, but they must be freeware/shareware or similar. :wink:

Some other things to remember:

-Discs that is not closed(have the possibility to add data later) may show a red sector at the end.
-Discs written in Nero with RAW-DAO-96 mode may have errors, stick to RAW-DAO only.

hey OC freak thanks for the quick reply…I have found a free (only for personal use) program that you may be interested in at the folowing url:
I have only just downloaded it myself so I cannot post any info on it at the moment…cheers …dave