How reliable are the newer Lite-Ons?



I’m looking at replacing my now long-in-the-tooth LTR-52327S and SOHW-812S drives with something more recent and was wondering how the various newer Lite-On models that have come out recently compare to some of the older, more proven drives.

I’ve heard great things on this board about the 165P6S, and it looks like it has everything I need - good CD and DVD read/write quality, practically perfect support for protected discs and good speed. But does the good standard keep going on into the xxA1P line? I read a while ago that some people had problems with AnyDVD, is that sorted out? Do they handle the harder Cactus Data Shield protected audio discs as well as the 165P6S (as asked in my thread on the Copy Protections board)? Do they allow reading of 8x DVD+/-R at 16x without firmware hacking yet?


I don’t know but I can find out. Scan below.

So far my LH-18A1P has been reliable. It is a very good scanner and it has excellent burn quality. The drive is only a few months old so it is too soon to make any comments about it’s long-term reliability. The only complaint I can make about it is that it is quite noisy.


I would say it seems to work good for me but I noticed that there are some dvd that will play in other dvd player or standalone will not run in my desktop dvd LH-20A1H but when switched to my old 832S liteon will run on them. So I am at a lost that it’s either a hardware or firmware problem.


Had a 20A1P die after a few weeks, would only burn or recognize CD’s, Newegg sent me a replacement, so far so good…