How reliable are Lite-On DVD and CD RW drives?

How reliable are Lite-On DVD and CD RW drives?

How do you think a Lite-On SOHW-812s compares with an NEC 2500a in terms of reliability and useable lifespan?

I have a couple of their CDRW and one CDR drive. Never had a problem with any of them and have used them all for several years and counltess burns. However my 401s DVD writer just died after only about 30 burns. That’s just me though.

What kind of experiments are needed to test their lifespan? I’m not an engineer to test such things myself but I guess they last at least years or more than 10,000 DVD write-once writing at 8x. Latest Seagate drives, 10K.7 series, seem to have a really long MTBF, but they are hard disk drives, not DVD writer drives. :slight_smile:

I’d guess that a regular optical unit lasts between 1-3 years depending on work load.
Some lasts longer while others don’t.

with my 812s, i burnt few Verbatim MCC CDR’s, and results are great (in total less than 8000 C1 errors, max peak no more than 10-15), compared to my older teac drive (which has a total of nearly 300,000 C1 errors and few hundred C2 errors, scanned on the new drive).

with DVD i didn’t try burning yet (one of the reasons is that in a simulated burn of a -R windows blocked, checking for reasons)

Most optical units last more than five years. I have nearly 100 optical drives within five meters, all working well, and most of them were produced before 2000, actually closer to 1995 than 2004.

Hmm some drives dont life so long especially Toshiba ones thats my experience i have had many probs with Toshiba Drives (such as cant read DVD anymore or CDs or stops within the process of reading or when you watching a movie)
the oldest drive i have is a CD-RW 8x 4x 32x Drive from TRAXDATA and it is reliable and a 4x CD-RW burner i think fireball or something like that.

my previous drive was a Teac 4x manufactured in September 2000, and it is still working, the need for dvd made me change.

I have 2 LiteOn cd-rw drives, one is a year old, one 6 months, both work as good as new.

The only optical drive I had that wore out was an 8x cd-rom drive in my compaq 2200 computer. It was made by Samsung, and it wore out after 4 years.

I can’t remember it correctly but I had one or two Samsung CD-ROM drives that no more worked after using them for a while, maybe a few months. Instantly replaced. In the old days, they were of less reliable quality.

Samsung’s probably the only one that maintains 3-year for all of their hard disk drive products yet. If they did it for their optical disk drives, the durability will become much better than is now. I’m not saying their drives will die after one year of use though.

The Samsung that died after 4 years was very heavily used during that time. In general optical drives are very reliable as that is the only one that wore out on me. It was an 8x model with a black faceplate.