How really smart are you

OK here’s another question & answer don’t tax your brain-

6/10 Bog Standard

3/10 :bigsmile:



So far, Drage is our expert on toilets. :slight_smile: 5/10 for me.

8/10 :wink:

7/10 :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2718468]So far, Drage is our expert on toilets.[/QUOTE] Looks like Alan beat the **** out of me. :stuck_out_tongue:

8/10…it scares the crp out of me that I’m not that bad in shtty things…;):bigsmile:

1/10 - I sure know crap all about toilets.

5/10 , nice quiz. :slight_smile:

I guess this one depends on how much crap you know. :slight_smile:


4/10 for me. I evidently don’t know $h!t about $h!tters!

I also got 4/10 so I’m not good at identifying public restrooms in various countries.
Perhaps a flaw in the geography I was taught . I don’t remember a “crapper” section in my geography textbook.

On the other hand I’ve R&R at least 10 toilets (for myself ,family & freinds) .
So I know about US toilets . I’ve never worked on a public toilet though.

I’ll tell you what I’ve had a good laugh on this thread, thanks guys, I missed a couple of them myself.One thing I’ve notice most pubic stalls have some writing on the walls and it’s hard not to read some while your sitting there.Some are funny some are sad ,some are dirty some are gritty, now where do we go from here?

I $hit in London I $hit France before I $hit in this place I’ll $hit in my pants

Of the four I got right I think they were all guesses and I could have easily received a score of 0/10.

ok where’s this one from:cool: