? How reading CD R/W on my ThinkPad R31

Hello all,
Is there a util or trick so I can read my R/W CD’s, prepared on my main pc with a CD R/W, also on my IBM ThinkPad R31 laptop, that has a “plain CD”?

Thanks for supporting tips

Jan L.F. Bos

If your thinkpad R31 CD Player cannot read CD-RW discs. AFAIK ; It’ll never will , not even with a firmware upgrade ; Contact IBM about it.

If you write the disk with DirectCD 5.1 or simply download the latest version of Adaptec UDF Reader and install on your Thinkpad it most likely will be able to read a cdrw.

Installing a piece of software will not make the drive able to read CD/RW discs. The hardware simply doesn’t support reading these discs.

Let me clarify-------If the disk is wrote with DirectCD and you install the udf reader from it or download a version and install , then the drive will most likely be able to read the disk.

I think that is why I said “most likely”. I have a Samsung cdrom made in 1999 that can read cdrw’s with the udf reader.