How random is your mind?

Picture this:

You are finalising trade agreements after months of haggling with the emperor of china, when all of a sudden it hits you. Eureka! I can strain the pips out of my pumpkin soup easier if I use the basket from my chip maker!

We’ve all been there, trying to recall something … maybe the punchline of an exceedingly funny joke. The next day you are having dinner with your significant other’s parents and they are discussing the effects of their pet budgy dying on the family just yesterday… and the punchline arrives, and next thing pumpkin seeds are flying across the room, accompanied by your attempt to stifle the laughter.

Or worse … you are at a funeral humming “Ding dong the witch the dead”, but it eventually gets louder … until you have to start singing the words.

Now what was I saying?

Oh yeah … [b]how random is your mind?

[/b]Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

There was a time when I could be walking along the boardwalk at Jones Beach (famous beach on Long Island) while carrying on three conversations, solving a problem at work and listen to the groans of the couples having sex underneath the boardwalk. But now I suffer from CRS, CHS and CSS so I have enough trouble just walking on the boardwalk.

So here i was, playing Quake all over again on a Linux machine. Just to show myself i could. There was no one around, but suddenly i had the greatest idea ever. What if people would just all get along and live happily? I fragged a couple of idiots after that englightening idea and immediately thought of all the poor happy Christians, Muslims and Hinduists. Then i fragged some more people. Life was good, life was happy. Why change? Nobody will ever notice change.

I love pickles

I gots Mind Control

You’re all loonies!

However, you’re all invited to my tea party.

Live entertainment will include Queen (of hearts), Alice (not cooper) and the White Rabbits (not the one from the matrix)!
There will also be lots of pussy (that fat bloody cheshire).

my mind is more random than yours, because my seed is better :wink:

is greenday performaing at jones beach this summer to be… too lazy to look it up

some days I’ll go somewhere and when I actually get there I’ll stand there and look around and say to myself,“how did I get here”?It’s like I’m in a fog or I just slept all the way there,driving :eek: .

The biggest threat to mind-randomness is the desire,…no…make that compulsion, to prattle off the anecdote of that said random connection to whoever happens to cause the recall. I get these random memory recalls all the time, and I sometimes have to stop myself from explaining the stupid grin on my face to the poor sod who simply asked for my help…

Strangely, the poor sods in this case, only seem to enjoy the anecdote if it has some sexually crude and/or explicit element that they can get a laugh out of as well…otherwise, I’m totally boring :slight_smile:


I tend to end up in the fridge most of the time.

fairly droamn.

My brain isn’t all that random but it often shuts down for a while usually after a long day. When I get home I can not remember what I did the whole second half of the day. Driving while in this stage can be a quite terrifying experience.

I get like that occasionally, but that’s right about the point where I am exhausted … and I get delirious & collapse!
It’s all good!

how random what was the question again :confused: some days my brain dont work :eek: but i’m workin on it :slight_smile:

i have a brain thats made from Flubber.

People say I think to much … and I can’t remember the last time I thought. :rolleyes:

Why is the room spinning?

The room? … don’t you mean the world?
When my house passes by, I’m getting in.