How people represent CD Freaks

What exactly does it mean to be a senior member, and how should they act?

Abriviated from a thread in the Bargani basement:

pipemanid says:

Why in the world are you posting quality scans in the bargain basement forum? There is a forum for this and it’s not here.

Even WORSE, look at how THIS guy gets treated after his VERY FIRST POST on CD Freaks, IN the NEWBIE FORUM!!!

This is a Senior Member?! Please, someone stop this.



People represent themselves, be it here or elsewhere.
And be sure, the CDF community can handle these type of manifestations, as was done in the thread you indicated. :wink:

I’ve seen people get sinbinned for less in the NEC forum. Then again i’ve seen long time members say what they want and nothing happens. :eek: Guess it’s who you know here.

We have to investigate this before we can make any sensible comments on this (user). Unfortunately Da_Taxman is currently suffering from the flu and he will probably the best person to give a good comment on this.

Of course we also take in account the amount of contributions from users. Users that have contributed a lot and make a mistake are usually easier forgiven than those who are not contributing or even doing the opposite and causing trouble.

If you have in any case doubt of a decision made by a moderator you can always consult a Senior Administrator. They should always be able to handle any dispute between you and the moderator.

Sounds sensible. I wasn’t sure if I was raising my concern in the right place. Thanks for looking into this.


To avoid offending Joe_Dirt’s (Just love that username) sensibilities and subject him to a dose of the real world, I will cease and desist from posting. An occasional attempt at humor and a sometimes tough approach to people’s desire to be led by the hand through life obviously was not up to Joe’s high standards.

With respect, I don’t see any problem there. That’s awfully mild compared to a lot of forums; you’d have to be mighty touchy for that to bother you. And what’s next? Forbid all disagreements?

I share this view. Some of the “long time member” manifestations (personal, not professional) should have been ruled to my opinion as well, despite of their contribution.
That is the reason why some of us handle these type of situations on our own, in some cases drastically as well as strong-mindedly.

P.S.: My remark is not a reference to any particular Forum in CDF.


How hard is to just say somthing even slightly politely? All you did was throw his contribution straight back in his face. The media test forums are not the only place where media scans are useful and necessary. He was trying to prove a point about a certain type of disc and was a very smart person to back up his opinion with fact.

I agree 100%. If people find media, what is wrong with them posting a scan?.
And who is pipemanid to say he cant?
I am no mod, and dont wish to sound like one, but I can see pipemanid is plain arrogant. There will allways be people like this in the world, its probably not worth anybodys time dealing with them, just ignore there useless comment and post like it never existed.

Ben :slight_smile:

It’s quite simple…if anyone wishes to act in that manner in the future on these forums, they should (and hopefully will) be banned.

As for the particular user in question at this point, he’s been given a warning and so there’s no point drawing this out any longer…he knows where he stands and will hopefully respect other users more from now on. :slight_smile:

We don’t want to fall into the trap of putting others off this community by appearing to constantly put users down, even if they have acted improperly.

Time to draw a line under this one:


Senior member = number of posts … that’s all there is to it - it is not an award, other than for persistence!

No “reputation system” here, but that’s probably a good thing - everywhere I’ve seen one, it’s usually abused, with “mutual admiration societies” handing each other greens, and reds to anyone they dislike.

Is that a line, or a horizontal rule?:wink: