How on earth did he walk away from that?

I’ve seen a lot of things my life, which I thought were miraculous.
I’ve seen people survive huge crashes, I’ve seen many in minor shunts that haven’t been so lucky.

It’s been all over the news yesterday and today. Yesterdays F1 Grand Prix in Bahrain.
French Driver Romain Grosjean had a massive crash, tearing the car in two, and igniting the fuel cell.

He walked away with minor burn injures to his hands. Despite being subjected to a 53G impact.
Safety in F1 is very good, and undoubtable the drivers head protection Halo saved is life.
But to see someone walk away from that crash is insane.

Video has been blocked

Ahh. probably only available in the UK.
I’ll find another.

Try this link.

I’ll use IPVanish to view it. Thank you for the UK location!

Edit: No good, using London. Other options include Birmingham, Glasgow, Maidenhead, and Manchester…

EDIT2: This plays here in the US:

That’s horrific!