"How old are?"

I just want to know the age of the majority of the people who access this website. Well, I’m 18 and just finished high school. horaay!!!

There are a few threads like this. And it would have been easier if you made a poll :wink:

I’m 14 by the way.

sorry, don’t know how to make one…Oh yea…by the way, does anyone what it takes to become a CD Freaks Die Hard?

Over 1k posts. And to put a poll in, when you make a new thread, there is an option that says ‘Make a poll’ or something like that. It isn’t too hard to find. But don’t worry about making another thread… It’ll be considered spam :).

Click this link.


2nd page.


I’m old enough to know better, but to young to resist. They say that a woman is only as old as she feels and a man is only as old as the woman he feels.
I can tell you one thing for sure, getting old is no disgrace but it sure is awful unhandy!

i am 16 years old

According to the law, I’m an adult … some people disagree. :stuck_out_tongue:

325894 minute old is my daughter, or nearly 20 million second old.

im 14

It’s easy to answer > just to be a permanent habitue of the forum Kenny referred you to, lol.
Proven method.

I turn twenty in February.

I’m still 14…

I’m 27


Also for those that are old enough to have jobs, what job do you have?


Study, work part-time, do volunteer work with the Red Cross.

Just a thought:

Reading carefully the posts, you can tell approximately the age. And with time even the nature of the workplace. What concerns the mother-in-law’s maiden name of the poster… well, it is a little bit more difficult question.

13 almost 14