How often must we Clean install

I read in one post in here that we should sometimes do a complete uninstall of platinum and then put the lastest version in fresh. Should this be done everytime?

No do not do that. I remember that post, if your computer is running fine , leave it alone.

IMO, absolutely and unequivocally NO.
If you’re not experiencing any problems, then continue to install new versions right on top of the previous versions.
You’re probably referring to StormJumper’s
[B]Clean uninstall of DVDFab Platinum or Gold [/B] (link in his sig).
This is a valuable tool, but to be used when troubleshooting a problem and attempting a fix.

[B]If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it![/B]

[Edit] Hi alan… :wink:

I’m glad I asked before I did it.
Thanks guys

For an update, a clean install normally isn’t necessary, but it [U]may[/U] sometimes be needed to revert to an earlier version.