How often does a GREAT DVD media deal come around?



ive only been in the DVD media market for the past 2 weeks, and checking this site.

I have purchased some media that has worked perfectly for me so far…but I didnt buy much.

Hopefully, this will last me a month or so but I want to know how often does a great deal come around? Is it only seasonal to find really great deals, or can you expect a super media deal every couple of weeks.


Almost every week.

I would personally stock up Verbatim DVD+R 16x (MCC004) or Sony DVD+R 8x Made in Japan (YUDEN000T02) for daily use.

Currently searching for Maxell DVD+R Made in Japan (MAXELL003) because as far as I can see it burns sweet on at least 3 new burners @16x (BenQ and LG). :smiley:


Have to keep an eye out for those! :iagree:…but I can make do with MAXELL002 @12x for now :bigsmile:

Over here in the UK, sweet deals hardly ever come around…you guys in the US are much luckier than us in that respect.



I think you guys in the UK are much more luckier. YUDEN000 T03 all over the place (none in the US) and new burners released faster! :iagree:


Hehe, yeah I must admit, YUDEN000 T03 is widely available here, online at least (my local B&M stores don’t even know about 16x media in general yet :rolleyes: ).

I’d give my eye teeth for some of those Staples, Best Buy etc deals you guys get, though…and you seem to be able to find MIJ stuff a lot easier than we do! :iagree:


With E-net having a strangle hold on the media market? Think again. We pay for TY what they pay for budget media and while it is true that new burners are released a little bit faster over there, we certainly aren’t far behind and the prices are usually better. Don’t get me wrong, the UK has alot of advantages but prices of consumer goods certainly aren’t one of them.


We aren’t known as “rip-off Britain” for nothing - prices over here certainly are higher. :iagree:


That and the 17.5% VAT has got to be murder if you make alot of purchases. :eek:


Definately weekly on the media deals here in the USA. And having to deal with rebates is almost unheard of for DVD media now too. (Used to see rebates on ALOT)

Has anyone run any of that MAXELL003 through a Litey 1693 or an NEC 3500 to see how it burns? I’d be interested to know how well it does in my writers.



I’ve settled on 8x Yuden or 16x MCC personally - those sales you can get every few weeks at least in the US. I’m well stocked now on both so I sort of don’t pay close attention to the sales any more lately. If my supply gets low, I’ll start keeping an eye out and catch the good sales. That really is the way to go - just wait for a good sale, grab 100 or so and then you’re set for a while.

I do wish the new drives would come out faster here in the US tho…


Best Buy has the 16X Verbs on sale for 14.99USD for a 50 spindle this weekend March 19th


With MCC 004 at Best buy this week, keep your eyes open for Office Max in the next few. The +R 16X are the best. For aan ongoing deal on TY the only choice is -R; shop4tech has them now for $25 delivered per 100 with coupon CS10.


I was in Sam’s Club this afternoon. They had the Fuji 75 pack (50 + 25 taped together) for $26.75. I was able to find some that were made in Japan. Fuji DVD+R 8x Made in Japan, 75 for $26.75. That works out to be 35.66 cents each, or with sales tax, 38.6 cents each.

They also had 100 packs of Verbatim DVD+R 16x for $36.xx.