How often do you bite your cheek?



After digging into a Kransky roll …I’ve decided that human cheeks have the same consistency as a kranski (spicy continental sausage with thick skin)… I now have giant teeth marks gouged out of the inside of my cheek…

Unfortunately, this isn’t a rare occurrence for me … My mouth is too small & my jaws too wide which means that just about every 2nd week I bite my cheek … perhaps not the Kransky-gouging scale that happened today, but to a milder extent …

edit I wonder if this counts as cannabilism? /edit

Tell us your cheek biting experiences …


i prefer spanking to biting :smiley:


I bite my cheeks 10 times a day.I’m in therapy for this addiction :bigsmile:


about once a month and its a right bsa*d!


I think one of my teeth stick out just the tinyiest bit… so there’s like a always cut part of my cheek, since it’s always getting bitten.


I do it at least once every 2 months … and it hurts like :a h :a e :a l :a l :a


Very rare but it has happened


all day


That’s gotta hurt.


it sux


Stop doing it. :rolleyes: