How not to open a grenade

Another instance of natural selection that will further enhance the intelligence of our race…

Aug 9, 7:36 AM (ET)

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Reuters) - A Brazilian man died Tuesday when he tried to open what police believe was a rocket-propelled grenade with a sledgehammer in a mechanical workshop on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro.

Another man who was in the workshop at the time of the explosion was rushed to a hospital with severe burns, a police officer told Reuters. The workshop was destroyed and several cars parked outside caught fire.

Police found several unexploded army issue rocket-propelled grenades in the workshop. They believe the ammunition had been brought there by scavengers wanting to sell them as scrap metal, but they also are investigating a possible link to Rio’s heavily armed drug gangs who often raid military bases.

What a plonker :bigsmile:

i guess you get what’s comming to you weather you like it or not!!!

Ah, note to self, do not hit warhead with hammer.
sticks post-it note to forehead

While this is hilarious in terms of winning the “Darwin award” by not adding this person’s genes to the gene pool, it does say something about the violence that sometimes haunts Rio and Sao Paolo (especially SP recently) b/c of gangs or whatever. From what I’ve heard and read in reviews, “A cidade de Deus” (= City of God), a Brazilian movie deals with gangs and their turf wars. I’ve only seen parts of it, but if you’re wondering about how violent things can be in/around Rio, that movie is supposed to be close to “spot on.”

[kind of o/t]

By the way, Brazilians are also quite inventive, such as using a “gato” (a kind of jury-rigged line to tap into and use electricity and power from another house). I could even probably find the article (perhaps even in English) where burglars bored a huge tunnel under a house (that they paid to rent for several months), a busy street, and under a bank they wanted to rob. It turned out to be one of the biggest heists of reais (Brazilian currency–reals) in the country’s history, and this took place in one of the poorest parts of the country (the Northeast), in Fortaleza.

Hi Quema. Really good points. I was not aware of the situation over there, but your post was very enlightening. It was merely a post indicating misjudgment by an individual and not a culture by any means. But, after reading your comments, it certainly seems awful over there and I hate to even make light of one of them. :flower:

Where I work, we often cannot fix something, and someone (outside our department of course) will invariably mention while passing by, that we should use a bigger hammer, followed by a wry smirk or some tittering with other colleagues. So, when we saw this article about a guy trying to open a grenade with a sledgehammer we had to chuckle… :slight_smile:

Thats nothing. There was a story last year about a bunch of idiots in some third world country playing baseball with a hand grenade, with the pin out.

No problems, Crabbyappleton, as I did very much appreciate the humor in it, as I usually receive the once-annual “Darwin Award Candidates” posting, and this certainly fits! :iagree: I only added those comments, as I have some friends in Sao Paolo and have been asking them about the situation; plus, I sometimes have time to read a story every now and then from a good Brazilian newspaper. I suppose I couldn’t resist interjecting some “current events” talk. :stuck_out_tongue: However, it was not meant to say I disapproved of the article, as I’ve posted a few that would qualify the participants as “Darwin Award winners” as well. :flower:

Well … some people want to go out with a bang :slight_smile:

The favelas are run by the gangs inhabiting them, the brazilian police keeps out of them and only go in with army support. In march 1 600 soldiers went in to the favelas in Rio to find stolen weapons from a military base, they left after 10 days scoring null.

Lets say it’s not a place you’ll want to visit looking like a rich fat white man :wink:


The company I work for had to shut down a plant in San Paulo due to the gangs coming in about once a week to rob all the employees. They built a new one about 50 miles away with state of the art security and as far as I know they haven’t had any problems yet.

WOW…thats all i have to say…WOW :smiley: