How Noisy is the Samsung SH-203N?

I have the LiteOn LH-201AP, ide and it is a good drive but it is way to loud. Every time I put any type of disk in it the noise level is driving me nuts. I can pick up the Samsung SH-203N at Best Buy real cheap, they have it on sale plus I have a bunch a coupons that are going to expire if I don’t use it.

I have a brand new computer that I built with Q9450 and Asus P5E3 Deluxe Wifi Motherboard, 4 GB DDR memory and EVGA 8800 GT overclocked 512 video card. Also Creative XFI Fatality sound card. I just though I could use this Liteon drive that I picked up for 20 bucks. But it is driving me nuts. In am using Windows Vista Ultimate.

First of all, is the Samsung SH-203N a good drive? I know it is Sata Drive, I have plenty of Sata hookups. Does it have bitsetting? How does it do burning CD, DVD and Dual Layer? Most important, is it quiet. I know it suppose to make a little noise, but not a real loud annoying winding noise. Please let me know if it is worth upgrading to this new drive? The Ligthscribe is an added bonus.

The drive is great. It doesn’t support auto bitsetting by default ut this thread fixes that :

The burns are great as well in my opinion. You can use Kprobe as well if wanted with this drive too.